How to Write Highly Effective Business Blogs


You need to ensure that what you can see is the post that has the greatest impact on your business, because it takes a lot of time and resources to write blog posts for your business. It’s a challenge for you to let potential customers to click on your posts and read from all the way to the end. The following tips for writing great blog content will help you drive the click rates up for your business.

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  • Choose Interesting Topics

Don’t make your content marketing obviously promotional. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold to, so if your blog feels like an advertising, it will make the readers bounce out early.

The general rule of thumb is to produce 75% interesting and informative content to attract audiences. For this way, you can use social media or search engine optimization to attract readers who may not have heard of your company or brand before. The other 25%, more promotional content should have a different distribution strategy, such as sharing through email newsletter.

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  • Spend Time on the Title

Writing a blog post always takes a lot of time, many bloggers often pay the least time on the wording of title. But this is such a mistake that you have no idea how many readers you lost already.

Usually, users who surf the Internet spend over 450 minutes a day on browsing different kinds of media, so it is important to let them come up with interesting, clickable titles to cut through the clutter. Shorten your titles as possible as you can, make viewers easy to understand your titles when they are quickly browsing news. Titles which grab attention will do good and you also should keep your brand’s voice in your mind that your title should be truly accurate to the content of blog. It is easy to see that, when your viewers don’t get the expected content according to titles they see first, they’ll bounce.

  • Use Great Images

High quality, relevant images will keep readers engaged all the way to the end of your blog post. Great images provide another way for more visual learners to digest information while scrolling.

In addition to several images used to break up the text, we recommend that there is at least one image as the header of a blog. In order that the image could be auto-populated when it is shared on social media, it is highly important to have a well-designed image as the header. Posts with photos will increase by 84% clicks on Facebook.


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