How to Use Telemarketing to Startup Your B2B Business?


Telemarketing is widely used in B2B marketing. According to, telemarketing refers to “the act of marketing goods or services to potential customers over the telephone”. While the article What is B2B Telemarketing B2Bexplained that “telemarketing is about using calling as a channel for business to business commercial transaction; either to sell or to build rapport between companies”.

Telemarketing is the main approach for B2B entrepreneurs to get in touch with potential business partners. And it seems more beneficial for B2B companies, according to a UK study: ”Among 200 participated business managers, 90% of them deem telemarketing is very effective for their business.” Although an increasing number of instant online chat software emerge these days, telemarketing remains its own advantages to expand business and maintain customer relations. Through the telemarketing strategy, B2B companies could access to the potential customers, establish brand awareness, conduct a customer research and get valuable feedback from customers, strengthen customer relations and even convert to sales volume eventually.

18 - How to Use Telemarketing to Startup Your B2B Business?

If you are hesitating in choosing a marketing tool to startup, telemarketing would be a smart choice. Here are some tips provided by JumoreGlobal, for helping you know how to conduct a right telemarketing strategy:

Firstly, make a telemarketing plan with clear goals

A good plan is half of the success. B2B telemarketing is not an easy task, the every step should always follow your plan and stick with your goal. Mind that selling the products successfully is not the only goal, sometimes, promoting your brand and establish customer relationship are more important for start-ups. Additionally, it’s necessary for staff in the telemarketing team to understand the goals clearly.

Secondly, organize regular training for telemarketing staff

Training is extremely important for telemarketing teams. You need to tell the staff about the goals and some basic script during the period of training, which could help them to work in a right way and work under clear guidance. Additionally, train for just one time is not enough, while regular training provides you a chance to communicate with staff, get feedback from them, and update information or script in time.

Thirdly, choose the right person and right time

It’s suggested to call the right person and call in a proper time. “The right person” who is mainly responsible for business related to your company may give you useful information. You may judge the cooperation possibility from the person as well. It will be more effective to call the right person.

As for calling in the right time, you can give the telephone call before 9 a.m. or after 17 a.m. as the customers are not so busy and may be free to talk with you. Moreover, making a phone call with good attitude, which may leave a good impression of your company to customers and keep them communicating with you. What is also needed to be mentioned is leaving effective information like contact information, your brand or product.

What’s more, it is not suggested to introduce your company all the time. You should also listen to the customers’ requirements and suggestions or try your best to help them solve their problems.

Fourthly, keep records of the calls for analysis and conclusion

Call records is vital for telemarketing teams, where we can conclude merits and faults of the member and analyze customers’ business demand and psychological need. It will be helpful to record customers’ attitude towards your company or product, or their suggestions if they have provided. Analyze the information and improve the telemarketing methods or plan. Such information must be valuable data for your company.

Telemarketing is a long-term strategy and may not take into effect instantly. As long as your plan is suitable and can be conducted reasonably, your goals will be reached finally. Even though e-commerce is increasingly popular nowadays, telemarketing can still be a practical way to assist your online business. So it’s time to study skills of telemarketing no matter what types of your business is.


  1. We certainly agree that training is extremely important when cold calling for telemarketing. Even better is when you can be – or become, if the service is outsourced – a part of the team that really knows what the business is about.


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