Recent years, the foreign trade market is lethargic. According to the data released by related government department, the negative growth of export business in the United States has remained for two years. In reality, not only the foreign trade market of America has poor performance, but also the global foreign trade business. The growth rate of global export volume has been decline since 2012 and even become negative since 2015. It is undeniable that the traditional foreign trade market has entered a period of stagnation, which is a common problem faced by all countries in the world. The export business needs new drive engine and the cross-border e-commerce probably is the key to resume the foreign trade in 2018.

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America’s import and export total growth is sluggish while the sales volume of global e-commerce is growing rapidly which doubled the market performance of previous years. So it is predictable that the cross-border e-commerce will become an important part of foreign trade in the near future.

It is worth noting that, because of the impact of cross-border e-commerce, the foreign trade market presents a new trend. First, the resources of the foreign trade market started to flow to small and medium-sized enterprises and the pattern that large multinational enterprises dominated the whole market is being disrupted. Second, foreign trade business began to concern consumer demand. Foreign trade products are transforming from standardized products to customized products. Thirdly, the brands in the foreign trade market begun to diversify. Some brands targeting niche markets can also survive in the market.

Experts said that cross-border e-commerce is corresponding to the trend of globalization so it will play an momentous role in the foreign trade market. And the development of cross-border e-commerce may bring vitality to foreign trade market and facilitate the transform and development of global foreign trade market.

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If a traditional foreign trade enterprise wants to transform its business to cross-border e-commerce, the first thing it should do is choosing a cross-border platform. Currently, there are two common options, self-built website or third party cross-border platform. It is a good choice to choose a third-party cross-border platform for an ordinary foreign trade enterprise which is a new entrant of cross-border e-commerce market. Because the third-party platform is more in line with the initial cross-border team in terms of operating costs and capital investment. Currently, there are some mainstream cross-border export platforms like Amazon, eBay, JumoreGlobal and WISH. Each platform has its own characteristics, market positioning and advantages of products catalogue. So expert proposes enterprises do a comprehensive market research about target market, competitors, advantages and weaknesses of products and after-sale service when they choose cross-border export platform.

If you are a truly export-oriented enterprise, you’d better choose a platform which has an all-round products category and a westernized operation model like JumoreGlobal,Amazon and eBay but it all depends on the characteristics of your products. Hope you have a nice e-commerce experience.



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