What’ the most important factor to make successful online business?

I’ve asked this simple question to around 20 online business owners, who had years of experiences in e-commerce. Having a quick digest of their answers, some keywords jump out.

– High & Stable Traffic

– Search Engine Ranking

– Sales/Profit

– Competitive Products

– Marketing & Promotion

– Efficient Payment & Logistic gateway

– Responsive Customer Service

I was wondering the top priorities they thought are the traffic and ranking, while there are too many online businesses are so occupied listing their websites on the top of Google search results that forget their primary purpose- serving the customers.

Digital marketing, SEO, search engine advertising, and are crucial drivers for any online business. But they always go hand in hand with the flawless website operation, friendly user interface, exclusive shopping experiences and a worry-free customer care.

Here, we list the key features that can optimize your e-commerce online shop website design, to grab more loyal customers and succeed in your business.

1.Homepage Layout

Homepage deliver the essence and best-selling products to the visitors, an eye-catching and well-organized homepage is a strong weapon to make people stay.

A ‘Good-looking’ online shop maybe not ‘Good’, a good homepage layout could present the information, products, promotion banners in hierarchical ways. Since we’ve written in detail from top header to footer in Homepage Layout Design Metrics, we’ll move forward quickly to the second feature.

2.Customer Names

To most of the marketers, the most pleasant word they would like to use is neither ‘success’, ‘trust’, nor ‘conversion rate’ or ‘respect’. Surprisingly, it’s your name.

Why? The psychologist explains that people love being addressed by their names. A Customer’s name has a strong correlation with his friendly nature.

Haven’t you ever been approached by a salesman? The first thing he would ask is your name which is likely to be used multiple times in the conversation. As for online shopping, you’re always required to fill in contact information form contains name and email address before placing orders.

customer name - Top UX Elements to Make High Engagement E-Commence Shops

If your online shop supports quick signup or registration, then don’t miss out the chance to leave customers’ names. Here are the reasons:

1) Simple and quick. Customers are not required to upload pictures or enter other personal details.

2) No sensitive information. For most online shoppers, name and email are not considered as sensitive privacy that is worry-free to share.

3) Improve interaction. Once you have their names, you can go ahead to personalize clients’ dashboards and make them feel like home. This element is what many e-commerce sites fail to do.

3.Featured Products

The product window of ‘Featured Products’ or ‘Popular Products’ are the click magnets that are the main contributors to conversion and views.

featured products - Top UX Elements to Make High Engagement E-Commence Shops

Not every customer has enough patience to search all your product category. Put the best products on your homepage to help your lazy customers to see the right choice in seconds before they get lost in your shop.

Don’t forget to regularly update those products based on seasonal promotion or sales.

4.Zoom Option

We highly recommend you to add this feature if you have lots of stunning product images. Online shoppers are becoming far more prudent and rigorous than ever before; they need the product perfect in every detail. Imagine you see a wonderful handbag with killing design, how frustrated that when you almost decide to have it but can’t take a closer look at the leather detail.

zoom option - Top UX Elements to Make High Engagement E-Commence Shops

One of the drawbacks of e-commerce is people could only browse the product by eyes. Therefore, presenting authentic and high-quality product images is the key to optimize the customer experience. However, with the integration of new technologies, new tools like AI and VR shopping will provide more immersive online experience soon.

5.Contacts and Feedback Form

You’re probably thinking to set up a customer database to maintain long-term relationships with your customers. Then the important step is to provide contact information (Email, Address, Phone…). A subscription button is also an effective tool to surge the email subscribers, not only for getting more new contacts but also bringing traffic.

contact form - Top UX Elements to Make High Engagement E-Commence Shops

The 5 features listed above are only the tip of the iceberg, there are no ultimate interface solutions but it deserves us to do everything to satisfy our customers. Once again, don’t forget the primary purpose of e-commerce – serving the customers.


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