E-commerce has become an irreplaceable market with the immeasurable potential. 2018 will witness the skyrocket of e-commerce sales growth as well as the transformation and revolution of this huge market. The statistics reported by Bigcommerce indicates that Americans live in metropolitan areas spend 4.5 hours averagely on online shopping per week; and over 50% Americans prefer to shop online rather than visiting physical stores.

1 4 - Top Trends for E-commerce in 2018

The number of companies get involved in e-commerce industry keeps increasing every year. There are many impressive successful cases of those new comers but the majority of them are still exploring the ways to survive among the competitors. E-commerce is never an easy battle, especially for SMEs, the useful guidelines would be very helpful when they get started, such as Advices for SMEs to Start B2B E-Commerce Business.

However, plan ahead is always smart. Based on the years of industry experiences, JumoreGlobal prepared a list of top trends in e-commerce of 2018 for you to take precautions before the new year coming.

1.Mobile Devices Generated more Traffic

In 2018, smartphones and other smart devices will hasten their path for mobile-oriented sales revolution. According to the research of Statista 2017, nearly 40% of online sales of Unites States is by virtue of mobile devices in 2017 and the mobile traffic will boost 8 times by 2020. Therefore, it’s still not too late to develop mobile-oriented apps for your platform and make sure every page of your platform is responsive.


With more hours that people spend on online shopping, platform operators are making great efforts to save customers time in selection process of every order. Individualization, or we say personalization, will be a contested battleground that different operators are fighting for. For B2C operators, they have tasted blood after integrating fascinating tools to create personalized online shopping experience. Such tools should keep the pace of the technology development, 3D showcases and VR shopping are still the attractive points in 2018. However, for B2B e-commerce platforms like JumoreGlobal, it might be a big challenge to make the online marketplace too gaudy. Remember, B2B users are tend to be more pragmatic and profit-oriented.

3.Customers Behaviors Analysis

Undoubtedly, it’s crucial to know your customers. The next trend in 2018 is analyzing the behaviors of your customers. Your platform should embed database that can record the actions and behaviors of all the registered users. The more actions, the more accurate the customer portrait. The algorithm matters a lot but it’s distinct from platform to platform and too complex to make it clear.

4.Artificial Intelligence

In late 2016, Business Insider disclosed that 85% of customer interactions will be controlled without human by 2020. AI contributes to a more customized and consistent services provide to your customers. It’s the right time to have a chatbot on your platform and making the communication between you and your customers more efficient.


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