When moving into 2018, new e-commerce trends are emerging in the marketplace. As a major marketing strategy of e-commerce, digital marketing shows the flourishing development combined with the latest technologies to meet diverse customer demand of integrated experience.

digital marketing trends1 - Top Innovative Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

1.Deeper Exploration of Customer Path

With more advanced technologies applied in digesting customers’ data, their personal information, shopping history, habits, shopping channels, calendars are no more top secrets for marketers. In 2018, data-driven techniques still will be a powerful tool for personalized marketing, however, how could these data translates to customers’ purchase path is the uppermost for a successful digital marketing this year. Analyze data to know every step of your customers and where your consumers will be on separate steps of their purchasing behavior and path, understand their preference, and making your marketing to touch them all along their decision-making process.

2.Combine AR to Social Media

The emerging AR provides more possibilities for marketers to interact with customers and engage them with their brands and products. Creating AR content would be a trend in 2018, for example, sharing your brand advertising with your location as a sponsored AR content, which can only be activated and accessed at a certain spot, and certain time. This idea was first be integrated in a Japanese game – Pokémon Go, and we believe Instagram and Facebook will be the pioneers of social media platforms.

3.Precise Targeted Advertising with Specific Intention

People are tried with bored and uninterested ads in daily life. Since no one would deny the power of a successful advertising, it will still act as a key promotion method for almost every industry. However, we think ads will shift to more singularly purposed in nature, with a very specific purpose and purpose place in mind, both for mobile or desktop experience. It’s based on in-deep data analysis of customer path that we mentioned in prior points. Among current ads spread channels, mobile SNS apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are expected to be mainstream to practice high precise ads.

4.Video Marketing

Video content is becoming more and more influential and appeals to customers. As our attention spans are easily get distracted by similar text or image content, marketers are making great effort to create eye-catching videos to surge search engine rankings, skyrocket website traffic and enhance customer engagement.

5.Move Digital to Offline

We believe in 2018, digital will not only be a separate discipline. From our perspective, digital will integrate wider and deeper in real-life experience and become seamless. So far, we have saw this concept be applied in professional sports and arena events where the online experience begins prior to the event and continues during the event. We are looking forward to hearing marketers experiment with this in 2018.

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