A successful online business requires a comprehensive and competitive marketing strategy. When the battleground of e-commerce getting more and more fierce, online business entrepreneurs or online shop owners become extremely prudent on every penny they spend on marketing. Both offline and online marketing should be combined flexibly to make the maximum exposure of their products, their shops and their brands. Among the various online marketing tools like social media and blogs, email newsletter remains the strong power and stable conversion rate.

There are no reasons that e-commerce entrepreneurs quit using email newsletter or email campaigns for its major advantages: budget-friendly and wide popularization. It has been shown by mailchimp that the average open rate of the investigated company is about 21%, and is tends to be positively related with the company size, as well as the email open rate. The results imply that if your email marketing strategy is correct, the feedback would be inconceivable.

1.jpg 1 - Top Essentials to Skyrocket Subscribers of Email Newsletter

The following essentials provided by JumoreGlobal would help you to discover the best email newsletter strategy for improving online business sales:

Simplified sign-up – make it as easy as possible.

It’s time to check your email newsletter sign-up process and answer two questions.

Q1: Now you need to count how many fields are required to be filled in to receive subscription? If your answer is three or four fields, cut down to one or at most two blank fields.

Q2: How many buttons and pages require users to click before they complete subscription?

If you cannot answer it immediately without retry it. Probably the real user would not have the same patience as you. Cutting down some of them and always remember your users are lazy smart beings.

Except for deleting unnecessary fields and buttons, automatically subscribe plug-ins may be a wise solution. Users could easily subscribe your newsletters only by one click.

Leave killer incentives for every subscriber

Sometimes you need to give away more to strive for every subscriber, for example: amazing incentives. There are many forms of incentives such like 30% off coupons, membership validity extensions, online cashback etc.

Another popular incentive method is raffle. You can prepare a decent present for the lucky one.

Let users to share your newsletter signup form

This tip can be combined with the prior one. The more subscriber you get from one user’s sharing, the bigger incentives that user could get. What’s more, add social media share button is also important to expand share channels.

Automated email follow-up

Customer segmentation could also be applied into email newsletter subscribers. Many email marketing tools can help users to set unique automated email course from subscribers’ activities and habits. According to mailchimp,the top three topic that readers are interested in most are: hobbies, arts and artists, religion.

Additionally, design multiple newsletter templates and topics for different customer groups is far more effective than send same email to everyone, especially when selling is your main purpose.

In many circumstances, a buyer might be disappeared after purchasing one product. It is necessary to automatically email follow up them, for example, sending newsletter with discount code or coupons to attract them again.

We all know the significance of email marketing but few of us have been succeeded. If you are a newbie that want more support from email marketing experts. JumoreGlobal may help you at your business startup. Please feel free to send us your request or inquiry.



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