The Top 15 Google Ranking Factors Most Helpful for SEO Beginners

Author:Stephen N. Mills


QQ截图20180208152520 - The Top 15 Google Ranking Factors Most Helpful for SEO BeginnersThese days, you cannot fathom or make any sense of the applied discipline of digital (online) marketing without making mention of SEO – which as per its achieved design depends crucially on the availability of a high-speed Internet service. Contact Spectrum Customer Care and subscribe to an internet deal.

In this post, we’ll list 15 of the most important Google Ranking Factors that Beginner SEOs should be aware of. These are not only easy to understand, but can also be followed up on quickly to help bolster-up one’s ranking game in a short period of time.

So if you’re currently an amateur in the sprawling business that is SEO, you are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the advice rendered in this blog post.

1.Use Your Focus Keyword in the Domain Name (URL)

Inserting your focus keyword in the domain name – and preferably as the very first word in the URL – will have a significant impact on your rankings; provided all other domain-related factors (like age, webhosting company, and webmaster history) don’t become limiting factors.

2.Insert Your Focus Keyword in the Page Title Tag

Placing your focus keyword (which is the term you’re hoping to rank most for in your targeted market niche) in the title tag is crucial to ranking well in SERPs against a prospective consumer’s query. Again, the title tag (which is the clickable portion that appears in SERPs) should ideally start with the keyword.

3.Make Keyword Allocations for H1 Headings

Largely considered title tags in their own right, H1 headings which incorporate the targeted keyword(s) send strong relevancy signals to search engine crawlers – thereby significantly helping to boost rankings.

4.Ensure Proper Keyword Density

Having the right balance of keywords against the other content portions of your webpages ensures that search engines receive the right relevancy signals regarding your offered products, services and/or informational material. A good rule of thumb is to apportion your focus keyword once for every 100-150 words.

5.Avoid Keyword Stuffing

In apropos to the last point, and being a significant risk factor (one likely to herald in Google’s penalizing wrath), is the issue of keyword stuffing. This means littering your content with the focus keyword in a way that drastically impacts the user engagement experience.

6.Increase Content Length

Longer content has been identified by many SEO experts as being a prominent ranking factor.

7.Page Initiation Speeds

The average page loading speeds need to be low to rank well.

8.Mobile Optimization 

Ensure that your site is fully optimized for easy mobile viewing.

9.Copied Content

Take care that none of your content has been copied from elsewhere.

10.Post Fresh Content

Don’t sit on your laurels with infrequent content updates.

11.Ensure Proper Keywords Order 

So that users come to your page instead of others’.

12.Outbound Link Quality

Try to link to quality websites with high DA’s.

13.Inbound Link Quality 

These constitute some of the most important ranking factors out there.

14.Link Relevancy

Ensure that linked pages are relevant to your landing pages.

15.Use Proper Language Structures

Proper usage of grammar can prove definitive in decreasing bounce rates, and holding your audience’s attention captive.

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