Tips on B2B Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing plays a significant role in B2B marketing strategy, as it’s not only a cost-effective and reliable method for company promotion, but also a helpful way to bring traffic to the website. According to the related study, “92 percent of consumers around the world said that they trusted earned media – recommendations from friends or well-known figures more than anything else”.

How could B2B marketers to adopt influencer marketing strategies? JumoreGlobal would like to provide some tips for you:

24 1024x522 - Tips on B2B Influencer Marketing

  • Clarify the promotion goals

Before you find the influencers to promote your brand or products, you need to make your goal clear. Generally, marketers adopt influencers marketing for content promotion, product lunch, event management, SEO or crisis management. You should know which your goals are so that you can do according to the goal. For instance, you would like to take advantages of influencer marketing to promote your content, you are suggested to find influencer who produce content with high quality, or create an account to become the influencer.

  • Find the right influencer

The influencer could be the powerful media, industry leader or even CEO or staff of your company on the social media platforms, think twice before you decide the final influencer. Firstly, you could choose the powerful media which owns numerous potential audiences or fans, and content released by such media can be transmitted to the audience at the first moment. Secondly, industry leaders who hold authoritative advice will help you transmit the useful information to the precise audiences who are also closely related to your content.  In B2B area, what attract the audience is the related content to their business, thus they would like to get information from the industry leaders. What’s more, the CEO or staff your company can also try to promote the brand or product even if they are not influencers in the current situation, they can be trained. Because they are the ones who are most familiar with promotion content, and they can share the information to their followers quickly. In a word, you need to find one or more influencers who are consistent with the promotion goal. For example, movies are also promoted by famous directors or stars on social media to attract audience before the movie is shown to the public. Such rules of marketing could also be used in the B2B area, as information produced by influencers will be accepted easily.

  • Exchange content resource with the influencer

It’s a universal way to exchange content resource with the influencer to promote. On one hand, the cost can be saved through exchanging resource. On the other hand, the persuasive content owned by you stand for your power to some extent, which may make the influencer trust you more easily. Moreover, you can also get content with high quality from the influencer to achieve a win-win situation.

  • Regard influencer marketing as a continuous process

You need to constantly participate in the influencer marketing because you cannot view your achievement as soon as you promote for one or two times. Time and patience are the two necessary factors in influencer marketing, because audience needs time to accept the information they received from the influencer, and brand image cannot be built within one day. Thus your influencer marketing plan should be made in the long run and adjusted according to the situation.

Influencer marketing should be applied by B2B companies to enhance the impact of brand and promote products, you may achieve more as long as you adopt it in a correct way.


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