How to Strengthen Your Bond with B2B Buyers


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With the rapid progress and increasing popularity of B2B e-commerce, B2B buyers can now easily compare one supplier with another and get more control of their buying journey than ever. They have the option to peruse Google, Linkedin, Twitter, social media shares or referrals, supplier websites, industry forums, as well as specialized trading platforms, before reaching out to a sales team.

Internet empowers buyers with multiple channels available for collecting information they need quite literally at their fingertips. This change in the buying process forces B2Bcompanies to intentionally grow well-established relationship with customers very early in the decision-making process.

How to Build a Strong Bond with Customers

In a word, building a close bond with customers lies in presenting the right content, to the right audience in the right context. JumoreGlobal Insights extracts the following strategies to help you with the practice.

Create personalized content

Personalization plays a pivotal role in inbound marketing and account-based marketing. For B2B businesses, it is of great importance to refer to previous actions the user took to provide dynamic content based on the buyer’s history, preferences or stage in the buyer’s journey.

As some marketing experts said, personalization rests on relevance. With relevant content, a B2B company can convert the potential customers’ attention to appreciation, which, in turn, generates trust, drives them to follow your content and want to see more, and can help with conversion.

Provide more channels to follow

For ease and convenience, customers want to be able to check out a company’s offerings while using a mobile device and waiting for the public transport means or scanning their email on a laptop. Also, they want to see what your company says and shares on social media, third party websites, forums and the like, with demonstrations of business capability.

There were researches showing that over a half of B2B companies were using at least four channels to interact with customers five years ago. And now, it has been found that more than a half of businesses are using at least eight channels. More channels mean more data, influence and connection.

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One Click to Connect with Global B2B Buyers

Develop customer loyalty at all stages

Today’s buyers don’t want to be interrupted by marketing or sales teams. Successful B2B marketers nurture relationships with customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey–top, middle, and bottom of the marketing funnel. According to a study by Bain & Company, regular customers spend 67% more than new customers. Loyal customers are willing to advocate for your brand and help create new business opportunities for your business.

Remember not to forget about a customer once they have converted. Especially for B2B business, since buying cycles can mostly be longer and often require a group’s co-decision, maintaining a relationship with everyone is important.

It is not wise to “drop” a lead because they weren’t ready or because they didn’t respond to a specific request from the marketing or sales team. Caring only about short-term gains can deprive a business long-term revenue.

Building a stronger bond with your customers is vital to ensure longevity and loyalty, so invest time, effort, and resources to discover what they want. The more you can tailor your services and/or products to your target prospects’ profile, the more of a return you are likely to receive.


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