The Smart Way for Keyword Research


Getting your site found on Google is an imperative but difficult task for every e-commerce company. A successful SEO content strategy will help you find right visitors, lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales. However, it relies on precise keywords research since the keywords is converting from time to time which is closely related with social development and user searching habit. If you have no idea on how to set up your keywords, the following aspects might be helpful.

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  • Understand your clients

You should be familiar with your products and clients and know how and what they are searching especially what your customers type in the search bar when they search the expected products. For instance, it is more likely that a client who is planning to purchase steel components would input “steel plate” rather than “raw material for steel” as search keywords. The exposure of your products will increase if your keywords setting is based on customer demands.

  • Explore long-tail keywords

TIM截图20171127163723 300x215 - The Smart Way for Keyword ResearchThe convert of keywords contains long-tail and product numbers. To understand the curve of search requirements are critical because that less-searched terms and phrases that bring the bulk of our search referrals. Another lesson search marketer has learned is that “long tail keywords often convert better, because they catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle.”

  • Pay attention to your competitors

It’s smart to constantly pay attention to the e-commerce terms that your competitors are likely to bid on. You can simply use Keyword Planner to explore which term would bring more people to your site. There are handful keyword research tools, such as:

1.) WordStream’s Keyword Tool

2.) FreshKey

3.) Soovle

4.) Ubersuggest

5.) Search Term/Query Reports

6.) Google Keyword Planner

7.) Competitor Source Code

8.) AdWords Display Planner

  • Make sure your keywords are relevant

Your keyword should be relevant with your business. Does it accurately describe your store and the products that you sell? Will your clients find the exact products when they search for this keyword? If you have right answers of these questions, they can bring potential customers to your business.

There’s one more thing you should always take into consideration – platform. If you choose the wrong platform for your store, you will spend more hours on increasing product exposure with unexpected result. In other words, a right platform will increase your sale. When choosing the suitable platform for you, it is important to know what features you need in order to be able to create and manage your store. JumoreGlobal is a world leading E4B cross-border e-commerce platform for commodities, goods and services, with businesses covering. Suppliers who join JumoreGlobal as Premium Members can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges and benefits designed to maximize the exposure of their companies and products, and get easy access to more valuable business opportunities, expand their business across the world more quickly and efficiently. It’s a good choice for your business.


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