SEO: Topic Clusters Are Becoming New Keywords


Over the past articles we have learned different aspects of SEO, from tips to SEO beginners to keyword research tricks. With the regularly and secretive algorithm changes which could be found in the infamous “Google Dance” and varying results across the board, 2016 and 2017 are challenged years for websites that are not capable of keeping up with the pace.

In 2017, we are witnessing a continuation of Google’s ongoing strategy, which gives priority to mobile search results and satisfy mobile devices users. Meanwhile, they are still making effort to develop new algorithm that will affect desktop search users too. While we noticing that the “keywords” as the traditional SEO tool is facing the challenge of topic cluster, which should be paid more attention by marketers in 2018.

The continuous change of Google’s algorithm and users’ search terms has taken keywords out of outdated, with topic clusters replacing them. As more users move towards tablets and mobile devices, Google and other search engines have to change consistently for accommodating the new search terms. As a mobile internet user, people no longer type “Keyword Research” or “SEO Solutions” into Google. It’s easy to find that people are typing questions in search bar, such as “What is keyword research?” or “Where can I find SEO tools?”

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Such phenomenon compels marketers who used to preach the value of keywords are now accepting topic clusters. Picking the right keyword wouldn’t be the only and most important task for SEO optimization, as well as the keywords variations and long-tail keywords.

When people lay emphasis on topic clusters. You need to choose a general topic shows your site’s core competitiveness and advantages but not keywords. For example, if you provide email marketing services,make email marketing as the topic, then start brainstorm the subtopics that related to email marketing. After the topic and subtopics be set, you could create a pillar page around your topic that extensively covers your chosen topic.

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To complete your pillar page, link all subtopic pages to form your topic cluster, which shows Google the semantic relationship among those content. Therefore, if one of your subtopic pages has high traffic, pages that are linked to and from that successful page will also be skyrocketed by search engines.

The change from keyword to topic clusters may seem daunting as you’re tasked with re-thinking and re-organizing your website, but don’t panic. What you are working now is for making our jobs easier. Instead of focusing on picking the right keywords, we can pay attention on building technical resource libraries on topics that drive the right visitors to our websites.

If you are unprepared to study more about topic clusters, JumoreGlobal Insights would be more than happy to provide you with latest professional SEO solutions.



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