Save Your Marketing Budget by a Quick-Learning of Search Engine Advertising


Markers know the poor exposure could make their business become obsolete very quickly, however, a desirable ranking in the organic results of a search engine is a difficult task. It’s worth nothing that setting an advertising up and letting it run without performance tracking – you’re burning your marketing budget. In order to ensure the time and money you spend can get successful results, here we’d like to introduce several ways to optimize your paid search advertising strategies.

3.7 - Save Your Marketing Budget by a Quick-Learning of Search Engine Advertising

Run Two Ads and Check Your Bids

 What is a bid? In simple terms, a bid is the price quotation that you are willing to pay for each click. But you can’t judge one performing well only depending on the amount of clicks that acquired. You have to see how many of them are actually converting into leads or clients. In the same way, there should be at least two ads group (a control group and an experimental group) to perform ads experiments. So we recommend running at least two ads to compare and see which one works better.

Add New Keywords 

Keywords strategy is almost the key elements in winning in the search engine ads competition, which decides who your ads are shown to and how much you pay for each click.

As an online advertiser, you have to figure out the best performing keywords and search phrases that your target audience are using,in order to stay ahead of the game. Many service providers offer 1-10 keywords advertising services to optimize ads performance. Get in the habit of regularly checking and tracking the performance of your keywords so you know which one to avoid and which one to use. Regularly keywords tracking will help latest trends identification and bid adjustment accordingly.

Test Ad Copy

Besides using the right keywords to run an effective paid search campaign, the ad copy will ultimately determine if someone clicks on your ad or not. When it comes to advertising copy, you don’t have to be a writing wizard. In fact, keeping it simple works best. Sometimes, for every ad, you should have a few different variations of text and you can try out to see which one works best with your target audience.

Try to use different action words and phrases to clearly define what you are providing. It would be necessary to look at competitors’ ads to see what’s working for them, when you are designing search engine ads.

Consider Hiring Professional Service 

As a business owner, if you don’t have enough time to manage your online ads, it’s better to hire a professional service instead of letting your ad run automatically. While it does cost money for these services, the return on investment is usually far greater. Applying a professional search engine advertising service allows you to focus on critical aspects of the business while being able to reap the rewards of online ad campaigns at the same time.


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