How to Run a Successful B2B Advertising Campaign?


In the B2C e-commerce market, various forms of advertising activities have been used to promote a product or service offered by a business. But the full advantages of advertising have yet to be taken in the B2B e-commerce to promote a company’s offerings and drive their sales.

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Different than B2C advertising which targets general consumers, B2B advertising often aims at other businesses that are your potential customers. So if a B2B company wants to well benefit from an advertising campaign, it is really necessary for it to carefully develop a B2B advertising strategy. In this regard, we would like to offer you some useful and well-tested ideas for running a successful B2B advertising campaign.

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  •  Choose a suitable media for your audience

Since advertising to businesses is different from advertising to the public, you need to make an appropriate choice when determining what kind of media you will use to spread your message.

For example, you can run your advertising on trade magazines or local newspapers, or you can go with exhibitions or B2B e-commerce platforms that involve your business. You basically need a form of media that will help you edge in or tap into your target market. Just go where your potential customers are.

  • Create well-targeted message

If you want to present your potential customers with useful and engaging message, you should first know what your target audience need most. You can organize a qualitative and quantitative research such as online surveys or even field interviews to learn more about your target market.

After a thorough analysis of your target market and target customers, you need to create a message that will push the potential customers to contact with or buy from you. Consider the opinions, values and needs that you have learned about from your previous survey, in order to design advertisements that prove you can help them make a successful business.

  • Make use of social media

When performing a B2B advertising campaign, don’t forget to take full advantage of social media, especially business related websites such as LinkedIn. Creating a presence in a variety of occasions could help you propagate the value that your advertisements deliver across more audience, so use multiple social media outlets to make as many connections as possible. Furthermore, social media is also a platform that enables you to communicate with potential customers across the world, offering an effective way to create an online presence, keep in contact with your customers, and build up your reputation.

  • Have well-defined goals

Before planning and running a B2B advertising campaign, make clear what you want it to result in for your business. Setting realistic and achievable goals in place will help you get the most and best from your advertising campaign. It is also important to determine the main objectives when setting goals of your advertising campaign so that you are able to measure its success during or after the event.

If you are unfamiliar with B2B advertising and intend to give it a try to benefit your business, you may follow those suggestions above from JumoreGlobal Insights to develop a winning advertising strategy.


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