Remarketing Converts Your Customers from “Look” to “Buy”


Did you know over 95% of your first-time site visitors are not likely to place an order from your site right away? That hints the markers that in most cases, in order to improve sales, you have to think ways to let your customers back. While most of the marketing strategies just give the first impression of their product or brand to the audience, remarketing is the one that could bring your one-step close to potential customers.

Remarketing strengthens the impression that your advertisements had on the potential customers. Related data shows that “2% of your website visitors convert, remarketing goes after that other 98 percent”. That is when you give your “content” to the audience who had viewed your profile according to the track. They may be likely to convert to your real customers.

419 - Remarketing Converts Your Customers from “Look” to “Buy”

As a continuous process of your marketing, remarketing should be valued. Here are some tips for you:

  • Segment Your Potential Customers

It will be very helpful to segment your customers as you can promote the match-making content to them. For example, the audience got to know your sales campaign through your advertisement firstly, then they may want to view the products related to their own industry instead of the sales campaign details again. So you need to segment customers into different groups and prepare different promotion content for remarketing. You can segment with the help of data tracked by Google Analytics remarketing code, an AdWords remarketing code or a third party remarketing tool.

  • Pay Attention to the Remarketing Frequency

It will not be wise to promote your content or products with a high frequency. When you are not sure if the potential customers are interested in your products, don’t be hasty in promoting once again instantly, you need to be patient enough to track and analyze the user behavior, which will be helpful for you to find out the users’ interests. For those potential customers, remarketing for 2 times a week is proper.

  • Don’t Promote the Same Content Several Times

Imagine when you see the same promotion content or advertisement, what would you think of that? Repeated promotion is boring for the audience sometimes. You could show different content under the same theme instead. And the potential customers may have a good impression on your products or brand if they can get useful or interesting information continuously from you. Your remarketing strategy may take effect after that. You can also combine your remarketing strategy with the content marketing or ask the professional agency to help you with their marketing service.

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  • Make a Smart Pricing Strategy

All buyers would like to get the product at a reasonable price. You need to make a smart pricing strategy including different price to different groups of customers. For instance, if some customers repeatedly visit your website, you can guide them to a pricing page that offers a discount for remarketing. The customers may be attracted by the amazing price.

  • Utilize Other Ways for Remarketing

In addition to guiding the potential customers to visit your promotion content online, you can also utilize other ways such as email marketing and telemarketing. Especially for the B2B customers, email and telephone are more effective. If you can get potential customers’ detailed information, try to contact them. Just like some B2B marketers used email marketing or telemarketing, they can contact those customers who open the email or give them positive feedback by phone for several times.

Remarketing makes the potential customers know your products or brands better. And you can take this opportunity to convert them to the real customers and establish customer relations.


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