Real RFQs Speak Louder than Advertisements


Name: Mr. Panos 1.png - Real RFQs Speak Louder than Advertisements
Company Name: Lubricants & Petroleum Corporation (LPC SA)
Country/Region: Greece

Check his shop on JumoreGlobal.

Main Achievements: With the help of JUMORE, LPC SA has received massive RFQs from Chinese petroleum products buyers in one week.

“I come from Lubricants & Petroleum Corporation, a leading manufacturer in Greece specifically in lubricants and petroleum area. At present, we are focusing on the expanding Chinese market, hoping to sell our products to steel factories, power plants, shipyards or other downstream users in China.

Petroleum and refined petroleum account for the largest proportion of Greece exportation. The Greece government departments constantly help me and my friends in the industry to open different channels to export products abroad. On the recommendation of Consulate General of the Hellenic Republic in Shanghai, I knew JUMORE who could help us promote our brand and access to business partners via the all-around online and offline services.

The issue I concern most in choosing a platform is the quantity and quality of platform users. After learned that JUMORE has numerous overseas users on, as well as vast number of Chinese buyers on, I realized that it is the opportunity that kill two birds with one stone – getting access to both international market and Chinese domestic market. Without any hesitation, I registered on immediately.

Besides, Kitty – JUMORE’s business manager, who promoted our products on FOB business forum voluntarily after she knew our demand on sales and surprised me a lot: I received at least 20 RFQs in only one week!

For me, the real business is much more important than receiving advertisements. Although I only joined JumoreGlobal for couple of weeks, I truly experienced practical services. Many thanks to Kitty, for contacting me regularly with useful feedback. I ‘m so lucky that I meet a professional business manager like Kitty and a reliable platform called JumoreGlobal.”


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