How to Prepare Your Upcoming Tax Audit


Tax audit help is something which is required by every company because you never know when IRS or Income Tax officers may knock at your door and if there is any problem in any of the tax issues, then you may be charged penalties of high amounts and maybe it could also create a problem for your company’s working. Even if you are well versed with the Tax rules there are minor topics which you may miss because of the variety of issues in the tax audit. Therefore, you always need a professional help which will be a Savior for you in all the tax issues.

Know the basics of tax audit

Before you look for tax audit help, you may want to learn some of the basics related to the term which would help you to save you from any misconception.

123 - How to Prepare Your Upcoming Tax Audit

Following is a basic procedure for all kinds of tax audits:

  • If any issue arises, then IRS will send you a mail regarding that issue. The mail will contain all the steps you need to follow to solve the issue and there is also a deadline before which you should be replying to the mail.
  • As soon as you reply to their mail, there will be 3 cases here:
    • IRS is satisfied with your explanation, verifies your documents and orders no further changes in your tax.
    • IRS asks you to make some changes in your tax and certain documents are signed for the further procedure. After this, you are supposed to make changes as per their requirements.
    • You refused to make the changes asked by the IRS Officers and now you can head to IRS office for personal meeting to solve the issue.

Rights held by the taxpayers

  • Any misbehave by the IRS department is against the rights held by the taxpayers.
  • You can keep your tax matters confidential to an extent.
  • All the taxpayers have the right to know the reason of IRS enquiry or any detail about the matter which the law allows.
  • One can choose representatives for the matter or can be a representative himself.345 - How to Prepare Your Upcoming Tax Audit

Find the right help

  • If the tax issue is not complex in nature then you can look for online help or solutions available for it.
  • You can always look for a tax audit assistant who will help you to understand the whole issue and can even help you with the further procedure.
  • In case of representation, you can be your own representative or can even their professional lawyers or attorney and that solely depends upon the complexity of the matter.

Qualities to check for the appropriate tax audit help

  • The respective professional must be a well-trained person in his profession, knowing all the details about the subject matter.
  • He/she should be able to explain every single problem or procedure to you properly and should be courteous enough so that you feel comfortable in sharing all the issues clearly.
  • A tax professional should be available for the Representation of the matter in front of the officials.

We hope we were able to provide you enough information about tax audit help and hope this helps you in your further matters.


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