Email marketing is considered by B2B e-commerce practitioners as one of the most effective tools for generating leads and driving sales, revenue, and growth of a business. Industry statistics shows that, 87% of B2B marketers use email marketing to generate new leads, while 31% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as the channel having the biggest impact on revenue.

In terms of return on investment, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that every $1 spent on email delivers a $40 return.

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These numbers mark email marketing with obvious value for a B2B e-commerce player to start and expand its online business. Any company serious about digital marketing should spare no efforts to perform the best and brightest B2B email marketing campaigns. But there’s a problem; even with a useful email list in hands, most people are still confused about how to create a wonderful email drawing the attention of potential or existing clients to make a better business?

So in the interest of showing the best practices and helping you make a successful B2B business, JumoreGlobal would like to share the following 6 tips for building a great email campaign.

Define the Goal of Your Email

There is a misconception that email is “free” since you don’t have to pay for printing and postage, but in reality, it’s not. Poor emailing practices may break down your relationship with a prospect or client, bringing you a seriously bitter lesson.

Sending random emails without careful consideration of their purpose can result in your emails being ignored, marked as spam, or even cost you a potential client. So before you intend to send an email, make sure it has a clear purpose.

Care About Your Subject Lines

Although subject lines are only a small part of an email, but they’re the very first impression you deliver on your email recipients. Whatever you say, many people do judge emails by their subject lines. In fact, 47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone.

That’s why great importance should be attached to crafting subject lines that are compelling enough to get people to click through.

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Deliver Clear and Brief Message

Nothing is worse than opening an email to see a large piece of tedious text, especially for companies that are busy with growing their business.

If you want your email recipients to scroll down in an email, try your best to offer a clear and brief message without beating around the bush. Sending a busy-looking email to your prospects or clients can do more harm than good.

People always like quick and helpful information with access to available resources. So don’t describe trivial matters, just give the people what they want.

Segment Your Email List

Email list segmentation can significantly reduce the number of people who mark the email as spam or unsubscribe, while also allowing you to send a message that is much more specific to the recipients.

For example, an obvious segmentation should be made between prospects and clients since your current clients will need different information than your prospects. Old customers will need more data about how to use or get value from your product or service, while prospects will need more information to make the final buying decision.

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Further, a survey by the DMA reveals that 77% of email marketing ROI from emails comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns as opposed to broadcast emails.

So it is absolutely necessary to segment your list and send an email message that can specifically solve the problems those recipients may have, and you’ll surely get better results.

Design Spot-on Landing Pages

If your email successfully intrigues its readers, where do you want to lead them? In most cases, a customized landing page 100% aligned with your email campaign’s offer can be the right place.

The page should highly match the content of the email. A simple, straightforward form designed for capturing vital data is also recommended to be put on the landing page.

In summary, a good combination of email marketing and landing pages can work together to help increase your campaign conversion rate and user engagement.

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Track Relevant Metrics

After you have prepared everything well for your email campaign, don’t forget to connect it to your analytical tool. You can measure the effectiveness of your email marketing by analyzing some critical metrics such as open rates and click-through data. This is especially helpful for constantly optimizing your campaign over a period of time, typically weeks or months, because you can see if a poor performance is taking place.

With these 6 tips from JumoreGlobal, you’ll be ready for getting on your way to perform excellent email marketing. And as always, if there are any tips you’d like to share, leave us a comment below!


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