Why do You Need Live Chat on Your B2B Site?


People often think of customer service when it comes to Live Chat, but what most people don’t know is that it’s also a great sales and marketing tool. Live Chat could not only serve for existing customers, new customers and potential customers, but also helps you generate more profit. Live Chat as an instant communication tool, is crucial in providing timely support so as to build customer trust for B2B companies. Below, JumoreGlobal Insights compiled a list of the benefits of Live Chat to watch.

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  • Enhance Customer Experience

Live Chat can provide you with detailed reports, conversation summaries, and complete records of all interactions with the customer. You can make full use of these records in order to learn and better serve the needs of your customers.

When reviewing the records, ask questions to find out what your customers are saying and get insights from patterns. For example, what are they most satisfied with and complaints? What information are they missing?

You can use this information to create a Frequently Asked Question page on your site, or to include the most common information on your home page. One of the biggest benefits of Live Chat is that you can answer questions before they ask. This not only makes them have a better experience but also saves time for both customers and agents.

  • Increases Awareness of Additional Products and Services

A customer may leave good or bad comments about other products, services, or issues in the Live Chat conversation. Because other issues are at hand, the agent can’t handle those irrelevant comments. Luckily, Live Chat here will save the conversations as they are documented, as a result of that, agents can look back after they finish issues at hand then consider those comments.

If it is a negative comment, they can pay attention to it and communicate with the client in order to resolve the problem. Probably the client will mention another need, which could be satisfied with additional or upgraded service from your company, you should catch the opportunity to inform him but not commercially.

If it is a positive comment, you can mark the client and try to discover if he is interested in knowing other services your company has. If he is willing to know, you can give additional suggestions on the basis of his preference according to the conversation.

In a word, to use Live Chat, you are enabled to retain customers and show them more aspects of your business.

  • Boosts SEO

The data are included in Live Chat conversations, help you see clearly your customers’ needs, no matter current or future. Most questions asked on Live Chat may be the same as their keywords when they search on Google. For instance, you can build a FAQ page on your website using the data from Live Chat conversations, so that you can improve the SEO. If you set different types of these questions in search boxes, searchers will see your site on the results page more. The more relevant your information is to the search, the higher you will rank. To optimize your SEO, your potential customers will be precisely localized.




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