Is It Necessary for B2B Companies to Adopt Influencer Marketing?


“Influencer marketing, the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services”, is widely used by B2C marketers to promote their brands. However, fewer B2B companies regards influencer marketing as their promotion strategy, as the related statistics shows that “55% of B2C companies are running ongoing influencers programs, only 15% are doing the same in the B2B space”.

32 - Is It Necessary for B2B Companies  to Adopt Influencer Marketing?

Actually, influencer marketing has become a vital marketing method, and will be more universal in 2018. The importance of influencer marketing is so obvious that B2B companies could learn more about it and try to take advantages of such marketing strategy to broaden business. JumoreGlobal would like to list some reasons for you to focus on it:

  • Strong influence of social media.

According to the related study, “75% of B2B buyers are influenced by information found on social media”, which means that your promotion information could be probably viewed by more potential customers on social media platforms. More influencers will appear with the popular trend of social media, thus B2B marketers could grasp such good opportunities to “build the brand image, communicate with customers, promote their products and expand business”. Moreover, you may find the potential buyers who are difficult to contact through social media. Some may take the initiative to communicate with you, and some may be found on the comments area of influencers’ information.

  • Influencers are more easily to be trusted by buyers.

As for influencers marketing, “influencers” could be the industry leaders, powerful media, CEO or president of a company or even ordinary users on social media platforms. Information from the influencers is more credible for buyers, especially for those in B2B area, who will not believe the information easily, as they need to judge the facticity of information to help them make a decision on purchase. While if the information comes from an industry leader or large numbers of counterparts, they may be ready to believe.

  • Low costs make it easy to adopt

The cost of influencer marketing is not so high that you could use your marketing budget reasonably, “$6.50 in revenue is generated for each dollar spent on influencer marketing”. Moreover, B2B marketers could exchange your own resource with the influencers, as a result, you do not need to pay for influencer marketing. So it’s a cost-effective way to promote the brand or contact potential customers.

  • Help SEO to increase web traffic

If you own an online shop or office website, the SEO of your website could benefit from your influencers marketing strategy. Search engine usually regards influencers as reliable channels who spread useful information, thus your brand or product information release by the influencers will certainly be recorded by the search engine, which is also an excellent way to increase web traffic because your website may get a priority ranking in the search results.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, a lot of famous enterprises’ practice proved the substantial result of influencer marketing, which may give you confidence to follow them on marketing strategy. Microsoft cooperated with National Geographic for B2B influencer marketing campaign on Instagram on International Women’s Day 2017, aiming to encourage women to pursue their ideal jobs. Finally, Microsoft reached about 91 million people through National Geographic’s Instagram followers. Another example is about IBM, who invited fashion designer Gaurav Gupta to act as their influencer and create the world’s first AI-inspired saree, which was showed at the Vogue Women of The Year Awards and received a perfect result.

It’s time for the B2B companies to take consideration of influencer marketing, because it’s really a proper method to help you promote yourself and reach more customers.


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