chilean wine - More Chilean Wines Are Embraced by the Chinese Market

Chile is located in the southwest of South America, west of the Andes. Due to the elevation and cooling effects of the Andes, the vineyards take advantage of the climate and have a longer growing season. In addition, its unique long and narrow terrain has made it the birthplace of a variety of wines.

Chilean Ambassador to China Luis Schmidt witnessed the development of Chilean wines in China. His first visit to China was in 1991 when he tried to bring Chilean wines and fresh fruits to China. People didn’t drink much wine at that time, but in the past four years, Chile’s wine consumption has increased by 25% annually. Customs data shows that the country exported more than 56 million liters of bulk wine to China in 2017. Currently in China, high-end and low-priced Chilean wines are more popular, but mid-priced wines still have greater potential.

China is Chile’s most important trading partner while Chile is the third largest trading partner in Latin America for China. Of course, Chile will not miss the important opportunity of China International Import Expo (CIIE) to promote their products and export services and showcase high quality, healthy food at the food pavilion.

Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Roberto Ampuero Espinoza was leading more than 30 companies and industry associations attended the expo and presented their products, including wine, fruit, and pork. Visitors can taste mellow Chilean wine and fresh Chilean fruits such as cherries, blueberries, avocados. Food and beverages such as blueberries and wines from Chile are very popular in China. Chile is China’s third-largest wine exporter and China’s second-largest fruit exporter.

During the CIIE, Chile and China signed a series of agreements to promote bilateral trade cooperation, including a sea-air transport plan, which means that Chinese consumers will enjoy more Chilean wines and fresher Chilean fruits.

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The China-Chile relationship is a model of equality and mutually beneficial cooperation. Chile is the first Latin American country to sign a free trade agreement with China. Last year, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached $35.4 billion, four times its size of the signing of the agreement. Moreover, the two countries upgraded the free trade agreement on November 11 last year, which will enter into force on January 1, 2019.

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