ginseng - Merchants from Wisconsin Aim at Growing Chinese Buyers

Wisconsin is a big agricultural state in the United States. Its agricultural industry covers a broad range of areas, including ginseng, milk, cheese and cranberries. China is an important export destination for Wisconsin. According to statistics from the U.S.-China Business Council, Wisconsin exported US$1.9 billion worth of goods to China in 2017. From 2008 to 2017, the growth of the state’s exports to China increased by 35%.

Wisconsin has cultivated ginseng for more than 100 years and is the leading ginseng producer in the United States, accounting for 95% of the country’s ginseng production. During the peak period, there were approximately 1,500 ginseng growing farms in the state.

Jiang Mingtao, a ginseng grower in Wisconsin, attended the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai in early November, showing ginseng cosmetics,  ginseng liquor, ginseng extract tonics and so on. Jiang found huge business opportunities in the Chinese market.

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China has a long history of eating ginseng roots and is the world’s leading ginseng consumption market. Wisconsin ginseng has a good reputation in China. In 2017, the state exported US$14 million of ginseng to China, an increase of more than 16% from 2016. In 2017, the total ginseng exports of Americans were valued at about US$30 million, and China was the biggest buyer.

Ginseng is not the only industry that is seeking a Chinese market.

Wisconsin is also known as the “America’s Dairyland”, which has nearly 8,500 dairy farms and more than 600 varieties cheese products. According to data from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the state’s cheese production accounts for 27% of U.S. national production. In 2017, the state produced 3.37 billion pounds (about 1.5 million tons) of cheese, but only exported 2% to 3% of it.

But most of cheeses are sold in the United States. Local merchants are also constantly seeking opportunities to sell products into China. Chinese people are increasingly able to accept all kinds of things in the world and interested in them. They want more than just pizza and hamburger from the United States, they also want to taste special cheeses and other special foods from this country.

According to statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the state’s dairy exports to China increased by 70% in 2017.

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