Mentalities for China to Battle in the Trade War


At the very beginning of the US-triggered trade war, Chinese experts voiced that the war may probably strike us as “epic” in that the amount of money involved in this trade war is the highest ever in any bilateral trade disputes in history in the whole world (may be will be doubled, depending on Trump’s next moves). After the previously slapped tariff on 34 billion worth of Chinese products, a 10 per cent tariff on another $200 billion worth of good imported from China was imposed by Trump administration on July 10. The master of the White House seems lost his rationality. As the Western proverb goes, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad”.

图片1 - Mentalities for China to Battle in the Trade War

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Trump is waging trade wars against several of its trade partners, among others, Canada, EU. Therefore, it is the most realistic approach for everyone involved to take practical steps in its best interest. On July 1, Canada placed a 10% of retaliatory tariff on US yogurt to let US“feel the pain”. It’s sensible for individual party to fight for its own interest, and also important to react as a united front, as the ripples of China-US trade war, and spats between US and Canada and EU will spill over into other countries and regions.

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Since China’s solemn protests all have fallen on deaf ears on the US side, and is now firm in taking countermeasures in kind to safeguard the interests of the country and its people. Final consequences are no easy to predict, and when we say “to win in the trade war”, it’s less about “hurting” our rival, but more about ensuring stable economic development and prosperity in the face of such events and in a certain sense, threats and blackmail.

Master Sun’s Art of War is a masterpiece on military war in ancient China, and it still sparks wisdom, which China can process in fight this trade war.

From the perspective of strategy, confronting a US Administration headed by an unfathomable leader and the complicated international situation, China would act on the general picture, and focuses on security and development, to enhance composure and confidence.

From the perspective of history, China is at its best time of development since modern time. Sino-US relations has always played an important role in China’s development. However, in the past, China was often forced to play a passive role, now, China has a bigger say in shaping Sino-US relations.

Thinking systematically, fighting back calls for systematic and sophisticated strategies, as it involves Sino-US relations, and also relations with other major economies; it’s about trade, and also about views on the world, rules and cooperation. A series of measures China has taken indicate that, China is strengthening coordination and cooperation among sectors, industries and investing in fostering new industrial chains and value chains, in a bid to diminish the US presence and influence.


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