When farmers are anxious about how to improve farming efficiency, Machine to Machine (M2M) came out as a savior. Playing similar role to Artificial Intelligence, M2M provides so much convenience to people in various industries by connecting sensor networks and information managing system. The innovative technology is widely used in agriculture industry all over the world.

M2M - Machine to Machine (M2M) is Set to Liberate Agricultural Industry

Global M2M market for agriculture

According to related report, “developed countries account for over 60% of cellular M2M connections in agriculture, and there has been an increase in the adoption of cellular M2M in emerging markets like China and India”. In Asia, Japan takes the lead in Agricultural marker for M2M as the country seizes the opportunity of increasing demand and supply of agricultural products in the world. In Latin America, the increasing population drives farmers to utilize M2M to improve production. In attrition to technology development, governments also encourage to make use of M2M. A few governments in African enforce farmers to apply the smart monitoring of electricity and water on farming.

Benefits M2M brings to agriculture

M2M makes the agriculture industry meet requirements of market demand with higher efficiency, and relieve pressure of farmers at the same time. Here are some advantages of M2M:

  • Increase production

M2M equipment works more efficiently than human and makes few mistakes. So the production is raised in this way. Additionally, by taking advantages of such technology, farmers could spend more time on thinking about the strategy and solving problems, which also contributes to increase production and meet the market demand.

  • Reduce losses

Part of farm work could be achieved by M2M equipment. We know that agriculture is influenced by weather. With the help of M2M equipment, changes in weather could be monitored instantly. And some equipment could even deal with the changes, which will reduce the farmers’ losses. The M2M equipment would be certainly welcomed by farmers.

  • Improve famers’ management

Some M2M equipment owns function of collecting data that could be used by farmer to analyze. On one hand, agriculture strategy could be promoted. On the other hand, management discrete parts of farming will be easier.

Application of M2M in agriculture

M2M provides more opportunities for both farmers and the market. According to related statistics, “Global agriculture M2M market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 47% during the forecast period, 2017-2021”. Under such circumstance, farmers should learn more about M2M and choose the suitable equipment for themselves.

Application of M2M in agriculture includes equipment control and monitoring, precision agriculture, environment monitoring, livestock and fishery management, and smart logistics. Farmers have to take consideration of these five segments before they choose the equipment.

In order to make it more clear. Let’s cite an instance. It takes too much time for the farmers to manage numerous watering points for farming at the same time. Observant Global and Telstra’s Wireless M2M Control Centre cooperate to place monitoring equipment, then farmers could view the specific state of watering points on their mobile devices. As a result, both time and cost are greatly saved.

Some more examples include cellular M2M’ monitoring various aspects of the environment provide data to governments to improve policies, equipment that could monitor location or health of the livestock, Telefonica’s partnered cooperation with Geotab to offer fleet management, and the M2M-based equipment helps to optimize the process of water usage.

Farmer’s pressure caused by market, cost or labor could be reduced by M2M, don’t hesitate to utilize M2M equipment.


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