Low Conversion Rate? Learn Homepage Layout Design Metrics!


111 1 1024x552 - Low Conversion Rate? Learn Homepage Layout Design Metrics!Homepage is a hub to present the essence and best sellers of your online shop. There are different homepage design styles to meet features of various industries. However, no matter what you’re planning to sell in your online shop, components like shop banner, logo, photo sliders, product thumbnails and buttons, shopping cart, email subscribe bar are all the integrant elements.

A stunning homepage is definitely a killing weapon to grab more customers. Many questions are raised from how to organize those components to make them artistic as well as functional. If it’s time wasting to learn web design from a-z, getting inspiration from successful and creative online shops would be an effective way. Let’s start from the top position of your online shop.

Shop Header

22 1024x121 - Low Conversion Rate? Learn Homepage Layout Design Metrics!

The header spans the top position of your online shop. The main function of header part is to tell what your shop is about clearly, display high-frequency usage button and place to search items.

  • Your Logo

A great logo always reflects the brand value and culture of your products. Many people suggest placing logo on the left-hand corner of in the middle of the header since people have got used to read from left to right. Actually, if your logo is eye-catching and in proper size, central placed logo could also deliver your message well. If a logo can’t express the essentials of your company, try to add a tagline below it.

If you’re bothered with logo design. There are many free logo tools can be found on Google.

33 1024x279 - Low Conversion Rate? Learn Homepage Layout Design Metrics!

  • Search Bar

Search bar is a key part and useful tool for your shop, especially when you have hundreds of products to sell. Usually, homepage only promotes latest or most important products, you need to carefully categories them. If a customer fails to find desirable product immediately, they will use search bar to locate what they want. There’s only one rule for a good search bar, simple and clear. It would be better if integrate hot keywords in your search bar.

  • Shopping Cart

As can be seen in many shop templates, shopping cart is traditionally placed on the upper right hand corner. If you’re tired of the traditional module, you could customize your shopping cart position but not neglect following components: A shopping cart icon, a one-click checkout button, a number which tells the quantity of products in the cart.

Shop Announcements

Generally, the upper position of homepage is ideal to show the latest promotion activities, incentives and other promotional campaigns. If you need such kinds of announcements, place them here.

  • Seasonal Banner

The design of banner is important so as the update frequency. Customer would assume your shop is dead if you’ve never changed your banner. This is the gold position to promote special deals and activities but don’t forget to change it once the activities finish.

  • Login/Join Free Button

This button is the cornerstone of the header. A clear login/join free button in the header creates an unhindered checkout process for the customer and you can collect some of the customer information.

  • Page Navigation

Navigation menu serves as a map to lead to customers to the right places. Before you choose navigation menu, you could write down the first to the last things you want customers to see to help you filter priorities. If you mainly want to sell cameras, make sure one of your first menu is directly linked to your best-selling cameras.

  • Product Grids or Sliders

There’s a common mistake that to put too many products in small grids, actually they can confuse customers. The best number of products is 4-5 in one grid.

44 - Low Conversion Rate? Learn Homepage Layout Design Metrics!

  • Email Subscription Form

It always appears at the bottom of the homepage. Email subscription form is a fast and easy way to get email list for further email marketing campaigns and newsletters. We’ve shared tips to create a successful subscribe form in: Top Essentials to Skyrocket Subscribers of Email Newsletter

The Footer

Although only a few customers would browse down to the footer part, it still provides convenience via some important links and buttons.

Here is a list of useful links could help you get started:

  • Contact Us
  • FAQ
  • Email/Phone
  • Terms/Agreements
  • Corporate information
  • Social Media link
  • Blog

In terms of the button, a “Back to Top” button is extremely necessary for long homepage.

From the overall guide from the top to the bottom part of homepage design, you are about to re-organize your online shop. A good conversion rate is also relying on all-round marketing. Luckily, we’ve prepared many useful tips about SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing in JumoreGlobal Insights.



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