25 NGOs asked Prestige Brands to reveal the chemicals in their feminine-products recently, which shows the Women’s Voices for the Earth’s focus on women’s health. Additionally, cosmetics – the best friend of the women, their ingredients have once again aroused public’s attention. As International Women’s Day is approaching, when the cosmetics sales campaigns just blowing over the retailers, have you ever think about the business opportunities of the cosmetic ingredient market behind the crazy chasing industry?

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Popular Cosmetic Ingredient

Cosmetic products like shampoo, lipsticks, mascara, deodorants etc. mainly consist of cosmetic chemicals which are divided into surfactants, emollients, conditioning polymers, and UV absorbers according to their use applications.

Among those chemicals, surfactants, which is widely used for hair care and skin care, accounts for the largest proportion in the market. What’s more, surfactants is estimated to continue to dominate the cosmetic ingredient market in the future. Additionally, organic grade cosmetic chemicals are focused by the cosmetic companies as they are relatively healthy and safe for people. Thus they may be a key area to develop for the cosmetic chemical companies.


The Rapid Growth of Cosmetic Ingredient Market

It’s obvious that cosmetic ingredient market grows rapidly in these years. According to the research study by Transparency Market Research project, “the global market for cosmetic ingredients to clock US$33.80 bn by 2025-end and the market which was valued at US$22.89 bn in 2016 will likely reach the estimated figure by expanding at a 4.6% CAGR during 2017 and 2025”.

Such growth could be attributed to people’s increasing cosmetic demand. As people’s quality of life is improved, aesthetic awareness is changing as well. People tend to spend more on enhancing their appearance. Moreover, global aging populations also stimulate the growth of cosmetic demand as more and more people to choose to use anti-aging cosmetics. And it’s more convenient for customers to get cosmetics from all over the world with the rise of e-commerce.

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Tips for Cosmetic Manufacturers to Take

Cosmetic manufacturers should keep pace with the market trend to be more competitive. Here are some tips:

  • Never Stop the Step of Innovation

The cosmetic manufactures should keep on improving technology, research and study the new product. And it is also very significant to be sensitive to the technology development. Then you may not fall behind in the whole market.

  • Pay Attention to The Policies Shift

Policies shift may have an influence on the cosmetic production. Most of the policies which prescribe the ingredient focus on health and safety. Thus the manufacturers need to know the policies shift clearly. Or the cosmetic sales may be affected.

  • Make Reasonable Marketing Strategies

In addition to ensure the quality of product, it’s necessary to make reasonable marketing strategies to make more customers know your brand. On one hand, you need to combine various marketing strategies such as content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. On the other hand, you are suggested to look for reliable distributors to sell the products. Then your sales channel will be expanded, which may increase the sales volume.

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Customized Your Marketing Plan

The growth of cosmetic ingredient market not only promotes the development of the entire economy and attracts more investment, but also meets people’s requirement to improve their appearance. So pay attention to the market trend and follow the proper market rules, business will come to you finally.



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