Lead Generation: The First Step for a B2B E-Commerce Beginner to Take


If a company intends to start or expand their business online by means of B2B e-commerce, the first thing they need to take seriously into account is how to attract potential customers and getting them on the path to eventually buying, which step is known as “lead generation” in B2B marketing.1 5 - Lead Generation: The First Step for a B2B E-Commerce Beginner to Take

Why is lead generation so important

Unlike the traditional trading process, in the online B2B marketplace, instead of finding customers with massive advertising and email blasts, it has become increasingly important for marketers to focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers. Lead generation is just the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interests of target customers in your product or service, which can continually broaden your sales channel. So you simply cannot grow an online business without it.

Which B2B lead generation strategies work?

Since lead generation is a critical part of the sales process, you must want to know which are the best ways to generate B2B leads. Most marketing experts recommend that companies use at least 10 different lead generation methods to ensure that their pipelines remain full.  However, for those who are B2B e-commerce beginners, it maybe favorable for them to know some of the most used and effective ones. JumoreGlobal is willing to share its top four strategies for generating more and better leads to grow your online business.

#1: Content Marketing

Content is undoubtedly an important and indispensable lead generation plan. People are typically first attracted to your site through a valuable piece of content. Moreover, content marketing costs much less than traditional marketing and generates several times as many leads.

But for making effective content marketing, you need to define your target audience first. Once you know who to target, you can create informative and appealing blogs, videos and landing pages, etc that may prompt visitors to take action.

#2:  Search Marketing

Organic search marketing is considered as one of the most valuable long-term strategies for generating B2B leads.

If you want the potential customers to discover your website or the content you have created in an easy and efficient way, it is a good idea to take full advantage of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to get them out in front of the visitors. Just remember that high organic website traffic could bring you a steady stream of valuable lead information.

lead generation practices - Lead Generation: The First Step for a B2B E-Commerce Beginner to Take

#3: Social Media 

Social media can be regarded as an integral part of content marketing, and to some extent, search marketing.

As the growing popularity of social channels has directly led to information abundance, social media may also provide a helpful and low-cost source for lead generation. By tapping into a variety of social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, on which you may regularly post information relevant to your company and interact with other users, you can be where your customers are and create trust there.

#4: Email Marketing

Even with all of the above mentioned marketing tactics available to us, email marketing is still the simplest channel for new lead generation and it can also nurture leads and turn them into actual buyers. Whether you are hosting an event, promoting a new product or service offering, or keeping contact with new or old customers, email should be one of your main forms of communication. So it is strongly recommended that a B2B e-commerce newbie tries the best to design wonderful emails with useful information.

Follow these 4 strategies from JumoreGlobal, you may find a relatively easy way to generate better leads and eventually your online B2B success!



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