jumoreglobal classe export - JumoreGlobal was featured on Classe ExportJumoreGlobal’s arrival in France was recently featured on the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Classe Export, the leading French magazine for news about international commerce.

In the featured article, the author announces the JumoreGlobal’s arrival in France, and highlights what separates the company from other leading e-commerce companies such as Alibaba. The article points out the fact that Jumore focuses on connecting businesses with other businesses, and that its services are aimed at both buyers and sellers. The major selling point of Jumore is that it manages to link clients from different countries around the world, building trust among members who do not speak the same languages. The author then discusses Jumore’s subscription model, its logistic services, and transaction guarantee. Furthermore, the author expresses optimism about Jumore’s future, emphasizing the $240 billion in transactions that have passed through its platform in 2017, and saying that this number is expected to be doubled in 2018.

Running for over 30 years, Classe Export is a trusted and valued source of information, providing company profiles and supporting export companies in international markets. Currently, the publication has 45,000 subscribers in France, 5,000 in Belgium and 5,000 in Switzerland.

jumoreglobal classe export 2 - JumoreGlobal was featured on Classe Export


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