As one of China’s largest corrugated plastic sheet manufacturers, Qingdao Tianfule Plastic Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing professional corrugated plastic sheet solutions for all industries and sectors since it was founded in 2002. With advanced production technology and excellent product quality, Tianfule is now a long-term supplier for global top 500 companies such as Pepsi, Haier and Samsung.

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Tianfule’s Workshop

Due to less massive production of corrugated plastic sheets in China, as well as increasing production costs and growing imports of the sheets in successive years, it has been gradually difficult for Chinese companies to export such products for the past few years. China’s less strict manufacturing standards for corrugated plastic sheets have made the situation even worse. Tianfule, however, has seen new opportunities and challenges underlying those difficulties, since it has over 10 years of experience in both production and exporting.

“Corrugated plastic sheet is a widely used material and there has been increasingly fierce industry competition globally in recent years with more and more detailed and professional requirement from customers. But this also means greater opportunities for our business development and sales growth and we will continue to focus on providing products of high quality to the customers and play an active part in promoting the development of the industry.”

—-  Ivy Lv, Tianfule Sales Director

The corrugated plastic sheet, manufactured mainly from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), is a non-toxic and non-polluting environmentally friendly product which is well received around the world for its good mechanical and chemical properties. Tianfule successfully exported its products to oversea market first in 2005 and its sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan in 2016. The company has been seeking to expand overseas sales channels by means of cross-border e-commerce, while making continuous efforts to improve product performance by enhancing its technical strength. Joining JumoreGlobal was just a critical step that Tianfule took in 2018 for making a positive progress.

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Tianfule’s Workshop

JumoreGlobal is a global B2B supply chain digital platform, which has a full coverage of all industrial sectors and offers full-process supply chain services such as finance and logistics. With a wealth of practical experience in various industries and also globally stretched digital trade network, JumoreGlobal is able to provide its millions of member companies with professional trade services and find them global business opportunities. After Tianfule joined JumoreGlobal, the platform assigned to the member a one-on-one account manager, who had helped the company a lot in completing showroom information, uploading products and receiving the latest business opportunities, etc.

“JumoreGlobal has facilitated our sales work to a great extent since we joined the platform, and its ‘Business Opportunity’ service has especially brought us more customer resources,” Lv said. “We really believe that JumoreGlobal can help us receive more inquiries from good buyers”.

tianfule - JumoreGlobal Praised by the Supplier of Fortune 500 Companies for ‘Business Opportunity’ Service

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Tianfule’s annual production is currently more than 20,000 tonnes with its products being exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the United Kingdom, etc. JumoreGlobal will always offer the best membership services to help the company win more overseas orders and expand business further into the international market.


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