JumoreGlobal Finds Me a Potential Partner in Mexico


Mr. Luis Contreras
Company Name:ITRADE 1 2 - JumoreGlobal Finds Me a Potential Partner in Mexico

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Main Achievements
Two Mexican companies-ITRADE & Productor Unidos, achieve initial intent of cooperation on logistics and customs services via JumoreGlobal.com.

“I am Luis Contreras, General Manager of ITRADE in Mexico. My company provides logistics and customs solutions to customers and focuses on increasing transport efficiency, reducing risk and lowering costs during the transaction. It was in 2016 that I got to know JumoreGlobal when they held a trade show in Mexico. Local media reported the trade show and since I happened to be finding more customers via the Internet for expanding business at that time, I tried to register on JumoreGlobal.com and opened an online shop because it’s free.

After registration, I received platform messages from other users frequently as well as premium companies that JumoreGlobal matched for me, which helped me get used to signing in JumoreGlobal.com regularly to find buyers and managed the online shop. Soon, I found Mr. Roberto Perez from Productor Unidos, who was recommended by JumoreGlobal.com, running a Mexican company of agricultural products trading. It was me to start the conversation that told Mr. Roberto Perez our company’s could provide them with desirable logistics and customs services. It was amazing that I got his reply immediately.

After several times of communication on JumoreGlobal.com, we have reached initial cooperation intent and decided to have a meeting to talk about the details. It’s surprising and exciting that it is JumoreGlobal.com, a Chinese B2B Platform, helps our two Mexican companies become business partners far away from thousands of miles.

I really appreciate the benefits that JUMORE has brought to me. I will surely spend more time and energy to operate my online shop on JumoreGlobal.com.


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