Founded in 2003, CF Electric Motor Co is a motor manufacturing and services provider integrating development, manufacturing and sales. Our stepper motors, servo motors, hybrid stepper servo motors, brushless DC motors, stepper drives, hybrid stepper servo drives and other products have found wide application in industrial, agricultural, scientific and other fields. Among them, core products, namely NEMA34 and NEMA42, outperform their rivals and earn good reputation with first-class quality.

Changfeng Electric Motor 1 - JumoreGlobal Drives CF ELectric Motor to Go Global, and Forge Brand Presence

It is said that vision of managers defines the future of enterprise development. The reason that CF has become a technological pioneer in the motor industry is its pursuit of and persistence in technological innovation at the managerial level. Mr. Yang, General Manager of CF, has been rooted in motor industry for many years since he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has deeply engaged in the introduction and optimization of advanced foreign stepping technology, the development of the first three-phase hybrid stepping motor technology in Chinese market, all the way down to improvement of the technology, which is now better than the same technology in developed countries. Solid industry knowledge and rich front-line production management experience not only make Yang a good expert of motor product design, but also infuse the “technical soul” into corporate culture of CF.

In recent years, with the rise in prices of silicon steel, copper and aluminum, castings, etc., the motor industry will face various cost pressures due to the price increase of mechanical equipment, and the obvious trend of narrowing profits. Faced with market pressures, on the one hand, CF has increased its investment in technology research and development, and optimized and upgraded its products sticking to the goal of “high-efficiency and energy-savings”. On the other hand, CF targets wide overseas markets and is exploring business opportunities by taking advantage of JumoreGlobal.

JumoreGlobal is a digital platform for global B2B supply chains that serves the entire industrial chains and provide full-stream services such as financial and logistics services. Joining JumoreGlobal, CF enjoys one-on-one services from JumoreGlobal account manager, who help CF to register accounts, open stores, improve enterprise store information, post products, thus increasing product exposure, and connecting CF with global client when the latest business opportunities emerge. Persons in charge at CF praise user-friendly operation of JumoreGlobal platform and the quality services of the account managers. CF is very optimistic about its business prospects in 2019, and is confident that it can increase the proportion of its foreign trade sales to 10%-20% of its total sales through JumoreGlobal.

changfeng main products - JumoreGlobal Drives CF ELectric Motor to Go Global, and Forge Brand Presence

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The sustained, years-long pursuit of technology development has forged Changfeng as an industry leader, who thrives in the increasingly fierce competition in automation industry. JumoreGlobal will empower Changfang to go global and cement a presence of Chinese motor manufacturing technology.


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