How to Implement B2B Account-based Marketing?


An increasing number of B2B marketers have implemented account-based marketing (ABM) which helps them to analyze the customers’ features, demand and find target customers more effectively. Research shows that 92% of firms recognize the value of ABM, going as far as calling it a B2B marketing ‘must have’. In order to perform effective account-based marketing, JumoreGlobal Insights would like to provide some advice for the marketers:

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  • Find high-value customers

High-value customers are those who may be interested in your products or services and could bring profits to you, account-based marketing is a useful tool to identify them. Marketers extract customers’ data from accounts to analyze their shopping preference and select those active accounts with regular purchase frequency, high product price, renowned brand or other metrics as high-value customers. Thus, the purchase history and market force are the vital factors to judge the customers’ value.

  • Produce personalized content

After identifying high-valued customers, the next step is promoting personalized content, the tactics what we’ve learned before about content marketing provided correct tips to follow. It’s suggested to keep on transmitting useful information to the high-valued customers at reasonable frequency to build stable contact and trust. And then you could start your product promotion campaign, or you can mention the high-valued customers in your promotion content on social media platforms, which would make them feel they are “special” for you. In terms of the channel, we recommend email, according to the related statistics, “among the 253 executives surveyed by Ascend2, 49% say email is an effective channel”. However, other channel like social media is also worthy to try.

  • Organize activities for the personalized customers

Invite your high-valued customers to attend online or offline activities is also a great way to advertise your company. As for the online activities, take advantages of BI system to get the customers’ habit behavior and push the information like proper sales products to them. When comes to offline activities, for example, hold a seminar to discuss the industry trends or technology improvements and invite your customers to be the keynote speakers, which would make them feel that you pay much attention to them. Thus they may be willing to trust you.

  • Analyze the results and reasons

Analyzing the results and problems of account-based marketing will help you improve your marketing strategy. Do you reach your goals? Do you establish a good relationship with the high-valued customers? Do they buy your products? How about your web traffic? How about the target customers’ sales volume? All of those questions could be taken into consideration. Try to find the reasons and then you may be closer to your goals.

It may take a long time to see the success of account-based marketing strategy, which means that marketers should have patience to implement this strategy. What’s more, it’s also necessary to choose the right time to promote the important information to the target accounts.



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