facebook - How to Promote Your Business Page on Facebook for Free

As an effective way of getting the word out about your business, Facebook has become more and more important for business owners. It is worth noting that most business owners don’t know how to expand coverage for their home page and get more customers from Facebook. After all, it is difficult to get your Facebook page noticed and increase organic links to your Facebook posts.

Here are some ways to promote your business page on Facebook for free:

Build a Base Audience of Friends and Family

One of the great ways to get your website noticed is word of mouth marketing. Once you get your Facebook page running, the next thing you need to do is to get someone who knows you to visit your page and give you a LIKE. You can invite people directly from the resources section of the page to your page. Not only does this leave you with a digital footprint on Facebook but also gives you with a valuable test object.

Use your initial audience to:

  • See what types of posts attract the most engagement
  • Crowdsource ideas and suggestions for your business
  • Generate word of mouth marketing through your networks

Selling a business page that doesn’t have a lot of life or engagement won’t help your business. First of all, we should focus on building a high-quality audience. Filling pages with natural activities from high quality users will help improve your page.

Customize your Business Page URL

The URL of your Facebook page will enhance what your page is about. When your Facebook has 25 likes, you will be allowed to edit your page URL. If necessary, replace it with something more memorable, or something closer to your company’s name. Make sure your brand name, handle and page URL are all aligned will improve your search engine optimization. As the search algorithm changes, their ability to capture social media sites has also improved. If the official content on the page is consistent with the brand name, URL, and nickname, it will make your page more consistency and credibility. Meanwhile, you can also include your Facebook page URL in receipt to get more loyal followers.

QR Codes

facebook QR code - How to Promote Your Business Page on Facebook for Free

QR Codes can be seen everywhere and you can see them in newspapers and magazines, which are shortcuts for directing mobile users to specific websites via smartphone/tablet cameras. These QR Codes are easy to make and they can be placed almost anywhere so that you can use it on brochures, print ads or on your product packaging.

If you often make video for your website or just for fun, a carefully choreographed Facebook business page shout-out at the end of your video can well attract the user’s attention. You should also put your web URL and QR Code in your video description, more people read the description box than you might think.


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