How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing in 2018


After the introduction of the internet to the world, E-mail marketing has become the very important and essential tool for your business. Email marketing is used by thousands of different businesses of all sizes all across the globe. Those who are not familiar with email marketing will not immediately understand the benefits of it and why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries.

According to the DMA [ Direct Marketing Association], they find that research firms spend over $400 Million in the year 2006 on email marketing.

Most of the peoples make email marketing mistakes when they start email marketing for their businesses but you have to avoid those mistakes and make your email marketing success and to make your email marketing successful read this article carefully.

Let’s Start…

24 - How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing in 2018


What Is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a good and a popular way to reach to your customers for business. Direct email marketing reaches to those peoples which are interested in your business area of expertise. It doesn’t matter that what you’re selling it is one of the best ways to reach to thousands of potential customers directly at less cost as compared to advertising on other forms of media exposure.


Why E-mail Marketing?

Why you have to choose E-mail marketing for your business:

–> Emails will be easily targeted specifically to ideal customers. Keep in mind one this along with the email cost-effectiveness the wonders of the email marketing ROI’s often blows than the other direct marketing strategies.

–> Email marketing is a cheap kind of marketing and reaches to hundreds to Millions of peoples. You can do email marketing in two ways whether to do it by yourself or by some email marketing agency but to do this thing would be better for you and also beneficial for you.

–> With the help of the analytics tool now it’s easy to track conversions of your emails. You can easily and instantly react to modify the campaign strategy by seeing that what kind of your campaigns are working and which are not.


What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is used by thousands of online businesses worldwide and they know the value of email marketing and utilize email marketing in a great way.

Here Are The 8 Benefits of Email Marketing:

1.Easy to Create

Email marketing is easy to create and doesn’t require too much time and a team in order to be successful. It’s easily possible to make your emails campaigns with the using of fancy and attractive templates, videos, images and an eye-catching logos. Many of the email marketing platforms offer you a drag and drop editors option which helps and allows you to create a stunning and attractive email marketing campaigns quickly and easily. But apart from that most of the peoples make their email marketing campaigns simple using plain text emails. The content which is present in your mail is the most important and also plays the most important role in the success of your campaigns.

2.Cheaply Cost

One of the best and the great thing about email marketing is that it is lower in cost as compared to the other mainstream marketing channels which cost you more than email marketing or maybe double or triple. There is no such kind of costs in email marketing like print or postage costs and also there are no fees for billboard ads or a magazine. Email marketers consider spending their money on valuable things like investing in special software to automate and track and evaluate their emails. rather than on other waste stuff. There is a small overhead in sending hundreds of thousands of emails at a time but their costs are far lower than the other marketing channels which charges much higher than the email marketing cost.

3.Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email marketing is also one of the best ways to increase the awareness of your brand among your audience. With each email, you sent consumers are exposed to your business and your brand and this thing will help you a lot. The majority of the business using platform only send messages to those peoples who have signed up to receive them. And this thing will benefit from high conversion rate as a business and only target those peoples who already shows interest in your brand. Working on the strategic planning, targeted content and smart design your business will constantly build a brand value and benefit your business in a great way. Whenever a customer needs a product or service then your business stands out a much better chance of turning those leads into your clients and then into your loyal customers.

4.No Characters Limit

Email marketing provides you an amazing benefit as it is unlimited space for your content. In all other many social media platforms you’re not limited to characters’ limits or the types of media that you can share with your recipients. So, it is easy to keep your message to the point but the choice is yours that is how long or short the message you write to reach to your customers in the form of mail. Make your content easy to scan and also gives you the option for more information if they want.

5.Get Immediate Results

Email marketing will give you immediate and better results and benefit your business. If you’re running a small business on every sale, order or an appointment have a significant impact. With this, you will be able to get the best results which you are looking for a right way and you can easily track the performance of your different campaigns.


Email marketing is a great way for taking an advantage of impulse buying. There are not such kind of marketing platforms which allows you to go from witnessing a particular offer to purchasing an item within the two clicks. With providing a good call-to-action and a straight link to the checkout and in this way email marketing can drive many sales as no other marketing platform can’t do for you as email marketing does for you.

7.Improve Social Media

Email marketing will help you in improving your social media reach i.e for your followers who have email notifications setup they will be notified every time through the mail when you post something on your social media account. I most of the cases they will directly see your post in the email window. This thing helps you to increase the number of peoples which see your social media posts and engage with them.

8.Optimize Your Content

Email marketing also helps you in optimizing your content and also messaging for the greatest content. With the segmentation list, testing and demographic targeting you can easily identify the best strategy and the content for your targeted audience or sometimes also in niche markets. Keep close your eyes to the results of your email marketing campaigns and use this data to create a better campaign next time.

Ending Words

Don’t just sit free start your email marketing today and I hope these 8 points will help you. These points were enough to convince that the email marketing is strong and effective. Get started your email marketing campaigns today and start growing your business.


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