How to Fit Your Marketing Strategies in Facebook’s Algorithm Change


After the months of test since late 2017, Facebook ultimately announced its algorithm change on Jan.11th for prioritizing content from “friends, family and groups” and weaken its role for news spread. Once again, Mark Zuckerberg shook up the world and had foreign publishers and small businesses in shock. The latest algorithm lays emphasis more on actual people interaction rather than business purpose which left panic for marketers, as they may lose the most lucrative battleground for business promotion.

751 - How to Fit Your Marketing Strategies in Facebook's Algorithm Change

While the sudden change brings negative impact on businesses, it’s good for influencers – making Facebook members feeds, and increase Social influencers’ effect. The change has been settled, what matters now is: How could you reach your target audience on Facebook under the rigorous algorithm? The difficulties would absolutely challenge the marketers. But here are a few ways my business is adapting to the new algorithm. However, there’re strategies underway.

  • Diverse Your Promotion Platform

We all know that social media is a traffic-driven beast. Facebook’s algorithm change may hint the right time that you could branch out to multi-platforms. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are highly-recommended alternatives, all of them are favorable places to share your tips and tidbits related to your business.

  • Put Your budget to Facebook Ads

Ads account for a substantial revenue of Facebook. Although we haven’t verified how the new updates would affect ads post, it’s undoubtedly that Facebook ads will be more valuable than ever before. Therefore, you could activate your ads plan just now if you haven’t already. To reach your target audience precisely, it’s crucial to segment your potential customers by country/region, gender, age, interests and other factors. If you’re a beginner in social media ads, you could find some third-party service providers to help you put your ads in the right time at the right place. One important thing is, using tools to get ads performance report, for a better result next time.

752 150x150 - How to Fit Your Marketing Strategies in Facebook's Algorithm Change

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  • Influencers Marketing Revives Again

Over the past years, social media influencers were seen not as powerful as before. While the newsfeed algorithm change, influencers effect is expected to recover and boom again. Facebook might be the platform gathers most number of industry influencers, by virtue of their power, marketers could easily deliver the advantages of their brands and products. Before it’s too late, Facebook influencers are a safe bet if you can connect with them.

  • Keep Posting Interactive Content

Zuckerberg encourages users to post” meaningful content”, which can get more comments to enrich the interactive social environment.

Along with the algorithm update, “content is king” still rules here. For now, marketers should create social media friendly posts and focus on sparking conversations between followers. For example, including questions in your posts to invite users’ answer, or write about timely, trending topics that users are sure to be interested to read.

  • Spend More Time on Facebook Groups

Talking about user interaction, there’s no better place in Facebook than the groups. There’s abundant number of groups under different industries and topics, which means marketers could easily access the target customers by searching the right keywords.

After filtering out the group, the next step is building your self-image via your posts. Be aware of the rules of the group and post interactive content.

Marketers know they can quickly be forgotten by the users if they fail to empower the new strategies and techs to adapt the industry changes. Facebook’s change is one of the dramatic shifts in digital marketing so far, hope the tips above will help save your market share.


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