How to Advertise and Expand Your Business on Google


652 - How to Advertise and Expand Your Business on Google

The importance and ubiquity of Google search engine is undeniable, and Google advertising is a good marketing strategy for small business owners. You can show ads for your business to people who are searching for your current business type and who are looking for business in your area. This type of targeting makes most small business owners want to advertise on Google. When it comes to advertising on Google, you’ve certainly heard the phrase: “if a company doesn’t appear on Google’s homepage, it doesn’t exist.”

According to the latest data collected by StatCounter, 92% of the world’s searches are conducted on Google and this figure has been never lower than 90% in the past 8 years. The search engine Bing is the biggest competitor for Google, even so, it has a much lower market share than Google, accounting for only 2.89% of the global market.

What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords as an online advertising service allows companies to post ads on Google’s search results page which provides the greatest level of flexibility and control for marketers. These ads appear to be the same as normal except for the small green word “Ad.” And it will appear at the top and bottom of the search results page.

Green ad - How to Advertise and Expand Your Business on GoogleWhy Should You Advertise on Google

The most direct reason why you need to advertise on Google is because it is where your customers look for products/services that your company offers. As of December 2017, search engine market share was:

653 - How to Advertise and Expand Your Business on Google

Source: Kolau

According to a recent investigation by Searchmetrics, Users are increasingly likely to find what they want in the first results of the first search page. Therefore, if your page is not in the top 10, the chances of your page being clicked on are very small.

How to Setup a Google AdWords Account and Start Advertising

To set up your account and start advertising on Google, all you need is an email address and a website. Here are the steps:

  • Set your budget

One of the best ways to make a budget is to first calculate the percentage of clicks. Start with 10 dollars a day, when you have a better idea you can change the money at any time. That doesn’t guarantee you’ll be paying that much every day (especially if no one clicks on your AD), but Google will ensure you don’t exceed your budget.

  • Set your location

What your AD to be displayed in the geographical location is very important for local business, because you can insure that your ad appears only when people search for the keyword you are bidding on, and the distance of your business have a specified distance. This can save you money and increase your conversion rate.

  • Choose your keywords

The keyword is the term or phrase that the user enters Google when using the search engine. When setting up your AdWords account, you can select the keyword that you want to trigger your AD. Google will advise you to use keywords based on your site and will let you know how popular the keywords are.

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  • Determine the Match Type of Your Keywords

Broad match – This is the default match type assigned to your keyword and will reach the widest range of users through options.

Broad match modifier – This option gives you more control than the broad match on who sees your ads because you can target specific keywords.

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Phrase match – This option is the next more tightly controlled option. With phrase matching, the search term must be in the same order as the keyword to trigger your AD, but there can be other words before and after the phrase.

Exact match – This option works like it sounds. In order for your ads to appear, someone has to search for keywords in the same order, with no other unrelated words.



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