How to Hit the Marketing Email Sweet Spot?


While it might seem like we are on our digital devices 24/7, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll check every single email all the day. We’ve learned various email marketing strategies, as a marketer, it’s important to know the right time, content and even layout of their marketing emails. Countless emails result in extreme low conversion rate, which makes people doubts the value of email marketing. If you want your email to be opened, you’ve got to hit the email sweet spot with JumoreGlobal Insights.

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  1. Promote useful information with a clickable subject to your customers.

“Content is the king”, which means only qualified content could attract the customers’ attention. The subject that introduces your main content plays a vital role as “47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone”. So it is suggested to carefully design the email subject. Here are some tips:

  • Subjects should be concise

It’s difficult for the email recipients to extract the effective information in subjects with too many words, especially for those who receive email on mobile phones, a long subject may be boring. Just use concise words to point out your content.

  • Closely related to message body

The subject should summarize the substance of the email. It’s inadvisable to use an attractive subject which is not closely related to the message body as such action will disappoint the recipients when they are not able to get the useful message.

  • Use specific words in subject

Specific words will help recipients clearly understand your email. For example, numbers may be effective to express your content. The subject like “5 ways to improve your business” is more specific than that of “How to improve your business”. Then the recipients will decide if the will open the email according to the subject.

  • Take user psychology into consideration.

The subject with “for you”, “to you”, “private invite” or “the first one to view” will make the recipients feel their importance to you so that it will be easier to build customer loyalty. What’s more, the subject could also contains information related to the recipients’ appellation, title or company to show that you are familiar with them.

  • Make rational use of punctuation marks

Use a special punctuation mark in the subject may attract the recipients sometimes, but it’s not smart to use too many. For example, overuse exclamation points like “Sales!!!” will give recipients an unprofessional impression, and the email may mark as a spam. Just try to express the content by proper words.

Additionally, main body of the email is more important. Don’t advertise for yourself all the time. It will be accepted to transmit valuable information like seminar or conference news, video tutorials, white paper, industry reports or successful stories. Here are some tips on email marketing. Last but not least, pay attention to the visual design of the email. The recommendable ratio of pictures to words is 4:6, which may help your email get a desirable visual effect.

  1. Send email to the right person at a right time

In order to send email to the right person, you need to segment your email list at first. The list can be segmented by location, industry, buying interests, user activity, etc. Then emails could be sent according to features of the lists. As for the time, B2B customers tend to open their email at 9-11 a.m. or 3-4 p.m. on the weekdays, and 9-11 a.m. on Monday is a peak period. You can try to choose a proper time according to your own test. Moreover, reply to recipients as soon as possible so that they can get a better user experience.

  1. Measure the email marketing performance

The same to any other marketing strategy, it is also very significant to measure the email marketing performance. Data such as click-through rate, conversion rate, email sharing or forwarding rate, unsubscribe rates, bounce rate and return on investment (ROI) could be analyzed to optimize your marketing strategy. Generally, the server utilized to send email will provide service of data monitoring. And companies often choose a server from a reliable third party like sendgrid, mailgun, etc. Some agencies or platforms like JumoreGlobal even provide performance report as a form of feedback to their customers after helping them to personalized email design.

Pay attention to the details of every step and test for more time, your email marketing will be improved, and customers will come to you.


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