Google Voicemail: How to Make It A New Solution to B2B Marketing


Google had added a video voice mail feature to its Duo messaging APP in this month, which made it possible for users to leave a voicemail for those who may miss their messages on Dou. Such function update implies the importance of both video and voicemail. In fact, voicemail could not only be used by people in the daily life, but also be used by marketers to broaden business. While for B2B business, voicemail could be a new solution to consolidate customer relationship and an effective alternative of email marketing and telemarketing.

4.3 - Google Voicemail: How to Make  It A New Solution to B2B Marketing

Now it’s time to share some valuable tips with you on voicemail marketing.

Preparation of voicemail

Before you send the voicemail, you need to prepare in detail, from the content to the voice, every tiny thing should be valued.

  • Make sure your content is qualified

Content is one of the most significant factors of your voicemail that could attract the potential customers. So you need to edit the script carefully. Don’t introduce your product directly to the customers who do not know you at all. Try to briefly introduce yourself and the purpose with 5 or 6 sentences in the whole voicemail. While if you send the voicemail for the second time, you can talk about the improvements of your products or strategies which may closely relate to your customers.

  • The voice should be clear

Clear voice with a good pronunciation and intonation will deliver precise information to your potential customers. And the crucial information could be highlighted through the change of intonation.

  • Practice repeatedly

Practicing for several times before sending the voicemail helps you to ensure the quality. As it is different from other marketing methods which are expressed by words only, you need to carefully practice to get an ideal result.

4.3.1 - Google Voicemail: How to Make  It A New Solution to B2B Marketing

  • Pay attention to details

When you send a voice mail, it’s necessary to pay attention to the details. For example, your contact information like telephone number or email address could be read twice, and leave enough time for your customers to write down such vital information. Then customers may get a good user experience from the meticulous details.

Tasks after sending the voicemail

  • Send an email as a supplement

After sending a voicemail successfully, you could send an email to explain your voice content in details. On one hand, customers will get more information from the email. On the other hand, your contact information could be left in the email. Thus if the customers are interested in your products, they can contact you instantly.

  • Make a summary

Sending the voicemail successfully does not mean that you have finished the whole task. It’s more important to make a summary. You need to listen to the voice record, analyzing what type of content could attract the customers, when did the customers hang up the phone, the proportion of customers who contact you after the voicemail, etc. You may find the problems and solutions from the summary.

Various kinds of marketing strategies will help you find business opportunities in different ways, voicemail will be a wise choice for you. Just have a try and welcome to share your opinions with us.


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