Ford Patents Driverless Police Car, Will Artificial Intelligence Lead the Future?


As an automobile giant, Ford always surprises us. After performing successfully in electronic vehicle market, Ford moves its steps to compete as the marketer leader in the driverless vehicle area. The company had filed the patent of driverless police car that took advantages of artificial intelligence to automatically finish the “routine tasks”. Ford has not revealed details about the police car’s research and development yet.

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Artificial intelligence has received gratifying attention from large numbers of high-tech manufacturers. Ford invested $1 billion in an AI startup-Argo AI to improve its technology on autonomous vehicle, which enhances its competency in self-driving vehicle market, and affirmed to produce self-driving cars by 2021. Nvidia also committed itself to developing the drive AI platform, cooperating with over 320 partners to broaden its business. Besides, both Tesla and Toyota Motor Co. are trying to improve autonomous car technologies. Although the autonomous cars are still on the way to market, the manufacturers never stop exploring more opportunities to change our lives.

But will artificial intelligence lead the future of vehicle market? As a crucial factor of driverless cars, AI will support the normal operation of the car. For drivers, autonomous program would be a perfect alternative solution for those who get drunk or drive in fatigue.   For the environment, most of the cars use electricity instead of petrol oil, thus the air pollution will be relieved to some extent. And the traffic jam will decline as cars will be driven in an optimal pattern with the help of AI. Last but not least, people’s work will be efficient if the driverless cars could be used in their daily work. Just like Ford’s patent that may help police officers to do part of their routine work.

Maybe drivers will share the road with driverless vehicles in the next decade with the development of AI. But for the vehicle manufacturers, there is still a long way to go. They need to strengthen the technology to ensure people’s safety. And ethics standards for AI and driverless cars are also needed to establish.


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