First-Class Company Culture Builds First-Class Team


Mr. Carlos
Company Name: Bifakit
Products: Health Care Products, Medicines

Main achievement:
JumoreGlobal helped Bifakit successfully reached new partner Yuan Shi Jin Commerce and Trade Co,.Ltd.

“Hi, I am Carlos, general manager of Bifakit a Spanish company which mainly produces health care products and medicines. This May, I paid a visit to JUMORE together with ESIC Business & Marketing School for exchange and study. One of the reasons that I came to HangZhou was to feel the Internet atmosphere of the world-leading e-commerce city, and another was to find suppliers and partners in China and other countries.

During the trip, we visited JUMORE’s office in the city center and watched the video recording JUMORE’s cooperation with other countries. Not only the professionalism of JUMORE’s staff team, but also the powerful company strength and culture background of JUMORE made me want to discover deeper about this company.

I took the initiative to get in touch with JUMORE after I returned to Spain for further information about Jumore platform, expounded the recent situation of my company and my intention to join My company produces health care products, which are difficult to get permission to sell online, thus I have no plan to open the online shop. However, JUMORE is still willing to help me even though I make no contribution in improving shop quantity on their platform, it really touched me.

Not long after, they helped me get in touch with Yuan Shi Jin Commerce and Trade Co,.Ltd – a trading company in China. Besides, they also assisted us to communicate with Yuan Shi Jin timely, which solve our problems of language barrier and lack of foreign trade experience.

This experience let me find a unique aspect of JUMORE culture – altruism.

There is an old saying in China that ‘within the four seas all men are brothers’. I really appreciate that JUMORE provides me the selfless help and being the communication bridge for us, it me feel that I’m not only your client, but also your friend.”



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