First Chinese Pear Debuts in Chile


1111 - First Chinese Pear Debuts in Chile

Chile is well known for its agricultural products. Agricultural export has been a key diver of Chile’s economy, the export volume of Chile reached $58.5B in 2016, making it the 35th largest exporter in the world. The main components of Chile’s export are copper ore (21.1%), refined copper (20.5%) and agricultural products (16.2%) like fish fillets, grapes and pitted fruits. Whilst, the main imports of Chile are cars (5.76%), Refined Petroleum (5.17%) and related tools and products.

China is the most important trade partner of Chile as it’s the largest export destination (29%) and import origin (25%) of Chile in the world and has become the leading market for Chile’s agriculture and forestry industry in 2017, reported by Furche.

2222 - First Chinese Pear Debuts in Chile

In December 2017, the first Chinese pear appeared in Chile market after China landed its first shipments of pears, with the ceremony hosted for marking the maiden arrivals by Chilean Ministry of Agriculture and the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX). Aside from celebrating the launching of Chinese fruit in Chile, the ceremony was also served to strength diplomatic and trade ties between the two countries.

Ronald Bown, Chairman of ASOEX said it’s an “act of commercial reciprocity” that Chile open the market to Chinese pears. “China has opened its market to an assortment of Chilean fresh fruits, and today Chile is one of the principle suppliers of fresh fruit to China.” he said.

Besides being the consumer of Chinese pear, Chile could also act as a fruit distributor bridge to promote Chinese pear to other Latin America countries. For instance, Chile distribute Ecuadorian banana to Argentina and other neighbors.

Actually, Chile has abundant fruit variety and rarely depend on import. Chilean avocado is one of the most renowned local fruits and important export products of the country. The long-lasting rainfall in 2017 resulted in a higher production of Chilean avocado, which led to an explosive export growth. Market statistics showed there’s a 43% volume increase and 62% value growth for Chilean avocado between January and September in 2017. Chile was the largest supplier of China but was replaced by Mexico last year.

With the increased volume of Chilean avocado, local vendor began to explore more distribution channels, many of them started online business. Many e-commerce platforms like are providing one-stop services for global suppliers to get access to other markets. JumoreGlobal Insights would share more information of Chilean fruit trade later.


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