2018 Ju star award - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award

Warmest congratulations on

The winner of 2018 Ju-Star Award – Gold Star Enterprise

gold star - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award

  • One of China’s largest corrugated plastic sheet manufacturers
  • Long-term supplier for global top 500 companies
  • Professional corrugated sheet solution provider with 16 years of experience

tianfule logo - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award

Qingdao Tianfule Plastic CO., LTD.


About Tianfule

Qingdao Tianfule Plastic CO., LTD. is located at Beiguan Industrial Park in Jiaozhou City, North China’s Shandong province with a covering area of more than 60,000 square meters. The company now has more than 100 employees and over 20 senior and intermediate engineers and technicians. With a subsidiary established in Hefei, the company has 9 most advanced production lines, with an annual yield of more than 20,000 tonnes of corrugated plastic sheet products, which are exported to various countries and regions around the world, such as USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Turkey, Denmark, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other South American & European countries.

tianfule workshop - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award
Tianfule’s Workshop

Tianfule has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and its main products include corrugated plastic sheet, conductive corrugated sheet, anti-static corrugated sheet, flame retardant corrugated sheet, S-type corrugated plastic sheet, corrugated PE sheet, corrugated pp sheet and advertising signs, etc.


Voice from Tianfule

“I sincerely thank JumoreGlobal for the rare opportunity to take part in the wonderful activity and we are so glad to win the award. Thanks to our colleagues, cooperative enterprises, customers and friends for their great support. We wouldn’t have made today’s achievements without everyone’s support.”
—Ivy Lv, Sales Director of Tianfule



Tianfule’s 16th Anniversary Celebration

Tianfule’s 16th Anniversary Celebration - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award

With strong technical force and excellent product quality, Tianfule has become a leader of China’s corrugated plastic sheet industry since it was founded in 2002.

Milestones of Tianfule

2002     Tianfule was founded
2005      First export order
2007      Introduction of 2200 MM equipment
2012      Hefei branch was established
2014      Introduction of 2600 MM nationwide largest outboard equipment
2015      Number of production lines came to 12
2016      Annual sales exceeded 100 million yuan
2018      Tianfule Joined Jumore and won Ju-Star Award – Gold Star Enterprise





The corrugated plastic sheet, manufactured mainly from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), is a non-toxic and non-polluting environmentally friendly product which is well received around the world for its good mechanical and chemical properties. Global competition in the corrugated plastic sheet industry has been increasingly intensive in recent years, with product requirement from customers more and more specific and professional, which, however, also means greater opportunities for Tianfule’s business development and sales growth. The company will continue to focus on providing products of high quality to the customers and play an active part in promoting the development of the industry.


Tianfule Praises JumoreGlobal for ‘Business Opportunity’ Service

“JumoreGlobal has facilitated our sales work to a great extent and substantially increased our exposure since we joined the platform through a referral from a business friend less than a year ago, and its ‘Business Opportunity’ service has especially brought us more customer resources.” 
                                     —Ivy Lv, Sales Director of Tianfule, who thought highly of JumoreGlobal

JumoreGlobal is a global B2B supply chain digital platform, which has a full coverage of all industrial sectors and offers full-process supply chain services such as finance and logistics. Through enabling trade for all industrial sectors, the platform has pooled a wealth of customer resources. Up to now, it has more than 1.2 million registered member firms and a database encompassing 60 million companies worldwide, thus being able to help its members efficiently reach global business opportunities.

JumoreGlobal would like to make progress together with Tianfule, helping the company expand customer resources and get more inquiries from good buyers in the new year.


Hot Products from Tianfule

Hot Products from Tianfule - [Exclusive Interview] Tianfule — The Gold Star of 2018 Ju-Star Award

  • Corrugated plastic sheets
  • Corrugated plastic floor protection sheets
  • Corrugated plastic layer pads
  • Corrugated plastic signs
  • Corrugated plastic boxes
  • Corrugated plastic tree guards


Feel free to contact the company for any inquiries!

Contact: Ivy Lv, Sales Director

Call: 86 15269260203

Email: ivy@corrugatedplast.com

Wechat: IvyLvs

Whatsapp: 86 15269260203


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