Don’t Be Misled by The Bad Data


As one of the most useful tools for marketers, data analysis has been widely applied in measuring business performance and optimizing marketing strategies. While well-processed data seems safe and trustable, bad data isn’t.

314 - Don’t Be Misled by The Bad Data

Bad data could be classified into invalid data, duplicate data, incomplete data, inconsistent data, etc. These could have negative influence on the business and customer relationship. JumoreGlobal Insights would like to introduce some of the bad data:

  • Invalid data

Invalid data such as invalid email address and phone number refers to the data of which value could not be consistent with the pre-established parameters.

For example, marketers always found the invalid email address when they adopt email marketing, which makes their content fail to reach the potential customers. Thus your promotion effect and customer relationship will also be affected. What’s more, if you send your email to too many invalid email addresses, your IP credibility will decrease accordingly.

So it’s essential to confirm the accuracy of email address in a regular frequency. Some marketers test the address through the customers’ official websites or social media accounts, some utilize tools like free email verifier,, and to verify the address.

  • Duplicate data

Duplicate data, another kind of bad data, means the same data is recorded in the system for multiple times. Such data occupies the space of the database, and the technology price may be increased under the influence of large data space. Moreover, duplicate data is probably used by multiple marketers, which makes one customer receives similar information frequently. It’s not only a waste of time and human resource cost, but also brings confusion to the customers.

In order to avoid such problems, managing customer relationship system reasonably may be an effective method. And marketers need to clean up the useless data that may disturb their actions. Market tools are always preferred by them to generate customers’ information. As for the long-term customers, just try to keep in touch with them and update their information as soon as possible.

  • Incomplete Data

Incomplete data misses the essential index which may lead to inaccurate judgment of the business. Some data report provides by some social media platforms only contains data recorded in the previous 7 days. Thus marketers are not able to query the old data.

As for getting the complete data, you need to access the source and make sure the information is accredited. Choosing a reliable application will help you analyze the data correctly. Thus you could research the reliable ones and evaluate the values according to your requirement.



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