The Demand for Non-Ferrous Metals Is Increasing


Global Non-Ferrous Metals Market 2016-2020 report presents a detailed segmentation of the global non-ferrous metals market by product (aluminum, copper, lead, tin, nickel, titanium, and zinc) and also indicates the trends of non-ferrous market.

pexels photo 459728 - The Demand for Non-Ferrous Metals Is Increasing

Since 2003, the price of copper and nickel have been rising fast. The thriving non-ferrous market of the past few years was mainly contributed by the evident economic growth of BRICs countries which accounts for 10% of world GDP. The exceeded non-ferrous metals demand over the world supply also aggravate the price competition. As the upward trend in non-ferrous metals prices has developed, we have also seen the emergence of resource nationalism and national strategies to secure resources. It is noteworthy that supply uncertainties were increased by the industrial action of miners, production stoppages and various other factors during this time.

The appearance of resource democracy also drives countries to tighten rules up and bring property of national mineral resources more authority. The end of 2003 witnessed the sharp increase of copper price. The main reason is the increasing demand from China. With the economic growth in China, which was contributed by the boosted demand of stainless steel industry, has resulted in the increased global stainless steel demand. As we can see, the stainless steel accounts for more than 60% of global demand for nickel. China has become world’s leading sourcing country instead of Japan.

There’s no doubt that the increase of non-ferrous metals product demand will bring a huge opportunity for enterprises engaged in non-ferrous field. However, both importers and exporters, have to overcome the obstacles when trade non-ferrous products among countries. In recent years, it is obvious that e-commerce between countries are increasing rapidly as many platforms are established, such as JumoreGlobal, which is a cross-border trade of bulk commodities. JumoreNon-ferrous is a sub-platform of JumoreGlobal, which offers a wide range of quality products as well as a variety of value-added services which can help suppliers and buyers trade more easily and efficiently. It may help clients solve the security problem when do cross-border trades and catch the opportunity.


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