Content Marketing of B2B E-commerce Business


data driven content marketing 750x346 - Content Marketing of B2B E-commerce BusinessContent marketing has become a noticeable issue of B2B e-commerce business. According to B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, “among the investigated organizations, 37% have a documented content marketing strategy, 73% say their strategy includes a plan to operate content marketing as an ongoing business process, not simply a campaign, and 34% say their strategy is extremely or very effective at helping their organization achieve its current content marketing goals.”

Content marketing is so important that it helps companies to attract new customers, convert potential customers, or establish digital customer assets. Thus, it is essential for the B2B e-commerce suppliers to make a comprehensive content marketing plan. JumoreGlobal Insights would like to provide some advices to the content marketing.

  • Take advantages of both internal and external company resources.

 B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America points out that “98% of B2B companies in North America have their own content marketing team. Even each brand (product line/property) has its own content marketing team in 5% of those companies”. Report from Hinge shows about 31% of companies ask for external support on their online marketing. Thus the resource of company itself and the third party should be used to make a better content marketing strategy and implement effectively.

  • Create content with high quality.

Creating content is a vital part of content marketing. Analyzing target audiences is the first step. What are the features of the audiences? What are their industries? What are their requirements? All of the questions should be considered as they will affect the style and main points of your content. For example, a funny article is not proper to promote to companies in bulk commodity industry.

Title and main points of the content need to be considered carefully. An attractive title will increase the possibility of potential customers to read the whole content. And main points should be clear, which may make audiences understand what you want to express.

Data and feedback of content help to evaluate the content and give suggestions to content marketing. Data, including quantities of views, upvotes and shares are the objective indexes to show content quality, as well as the comments left by the audiences.

bnr content marketing - Content Marketing of B2B E-commerce Business

  • Select effective promotion channels

Promotion channels also take effect on content marketing. Content cannot be spread well without appropriate promotion channels. For B2B e-commerce suppliers, on the one hand, buy some advertisements on e-commerce platforms may expand the online shop exposure and increase page views. On the other hand, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also good choices. What’s more, join conversation on the forums which is related to your products; share professional knowledge on the blog; and send promotion e-mail could be effective as long as the content meet the customers’ requirements. Every channel has its own features that all the content you create should always be consistent with.

A lot of companies, especially the SMEs need content services provided by the third party. Cost effective and attractive content is what they need. As a world leading B2B platform, JumoreGlobal provides content services which include advertisements on JumoreGlobal, advertorial promotion of EDM, e-catalog of 50 products. JumoreGlobal will help suppliers to make professional content marketing plan as the platform is familiar with B2B e-commerce content. Joining JumoreGlobal will not only get chances to open an online shop, but also get numerous services. Content services make your products get an all-around exposure and your brand got to known by more potential buyers.


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