China’s Agricultural Imports Will See Continuous Increase


China has undergone extraordinary economic growth over the past three decades and despite the recent few years of slowdown in economic growth, its foreign trade volumes are still enlarging year by year with a massive trade surplus. China-made products have been sold to almost every corner of the globe, making the label of “Made in China” ubiquitous. But in recent years, China’s potential as a significant importer has drawn increasing attention. According to a report from Economic Research Service (ERS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China has emerged as a major importer of agricultural products. Between 2000 and 2013, China’s agricultural imports grew from US$ 10 billion to about US$ 123 billion. Imports of processed and consumer-oriented products like meats, dairy, wine, and nuts are increasingly showing up in Chinese markets.

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China has a large population and relative scarcity of arable land resources. In face of the fast development of industrialization and urbanization and the continuous rise of agricultural production cost, China’s imports of agricultural products, especially land-intensive bulk agricultural products are expected to see substantial increase in the coming years. In view of the security of agricultural product supply and national economic security, China needs to establish broad and robust trade relationship in agriculture with more countries. This will definitely bring great opportunities for enterprises engaged in agricultural production and agricultural product processing.

However, for cross-border trade in agricultural products, there are still many obstacles to be removed by both importers and exporters. Fortunately, with the flourish of B2B cross-border e-commerce, it may become easier to make cross-border business in this sector. In China, cross-border B2B e-commerce has grown very fast in recent years, playing increasingly important roles in the country’s foreign trade, and so is strongly supported by the government. JumoreGlobal is the very platform built under this background for the cross-border trade of bulk commodities. It has a sub-platform called JumoreAgro, which is specialized in the cross-border trade of agricultural products and aims to facilitate global trade opportunities for suppliers and buyers worldwide. JumoreAgro also provides its customers with additional effective solutions in various aspects such as logistics, finance, consulting, big data, technology and certification in their purchasing/selling process to facilitate a successful business.


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