CPEC stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor and its main benefit is that it interconnects multiple regions such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Not only will it improve inter-country dependency and connectivity, it will intertwine the provinces of Pakistan. It will connect China with regions such as Central Asia, West Asia and some regions of South Asia.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Projects

Some of the CPEC projects involve the use of roads, railways, energy production, and fiber optics. In addition to this, there will be plenty of employment opportunities available when CPEC is fully functional. The CPEC projects will divide equally amongst the provinces landing Baluchistan with approximately sixteen CPEC projects, KPK with eight CPEC projects, Sindh will get approximately 13 and 12 of the CPEC projects will be in Punjab.

46 1 - China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

China Pakistan Economic Corridor will aim to fix the major economic crisis faced by Pakistan due to lack of energy resources, a substantially low foreign investment, losses faced by the country due to the war on terror, as well as the problem of a major imbalance between exported and imported goods. One of the CPEC projects includes twenty-one energy-based projects.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor will be assigning SEZ’s or Special Economic Zones. These zones will focus on one kind of enterprise. Multiple SEZ will be scattered throughout each of the provinces. These SEZ’s will involve the following types of CPEC projects.

  • Food Cultivation
  • Engineering
  • Food Packing, and
  • Pharmaceuticals

CPEC Brings More Employment Opportunities

In Baluchistan, the CPEC jobs for engineers will greatly increase, with the CPEC projects in Baluchistan becoming operational in Turbat, Lasbela, Dera Murad, and Winder Industrial Estates. In Sindh, there will be CPEC job openings in fields such as the Chinese Industrial Estate, Textile City, and Marble City. These CPEC projects will ensure a high number of CPEC jobs offered by the functioning of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Due to the potential operation of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, there will be millions of employment opportunities in the industrial field, because the demand for many employees to run the China Pakistan Economic Corridor projects will rise. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor jobs will include jobs of all levels, whether administrative, marketing-based, manual labor, construction, and jobs involving the daily running, operation, and management of the industries setting up by CPEC.

Moreover, CPEC is also going to boost the IT infrastructure in Pakistan. Pakistan is seeing a growth in Digital marketing services and software development services.

CPEC Agriculture Projects

Pakistan is famous for its agriculture in Punjab, but another one of the CPEC projects involves agriculture usage. Agriculture will start in Gilgit-Baltistan to increase fruit production such as cherries, apricots, and apples. This will increase opportunities for export and trade, which will further need people for the overlooking the growth, production, and management of further harvesting of these crops. There will be the need for researchers to rapidly increase soil fertility and increase fruit yield while keeping the nutritional value the same.

There will be increased CPEC job opportunities in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry due to the requirements of rest stops, motels, hotels, and recreational stops along the whole China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Along with this, it will also benefit other industries of Pakistan and thus will help boost up the economy.

Trade Shows Enable Multinational Business Connection

With the economic benefits and project cooperation the CPEC brings, companies’ appetite for overseas market is growing. Along with the key industries of CPEC development, more trade shows and conferences will launch to facilitate offline communication and business connection between China and Pakistan.

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