Business Website Checklist: What You Need on Your Site


Website Checklist - Business Website Checklist: What You Need on Your Site

With the development of the Internet, to have a website with high quality and well-functioning in the business world is becoming increasingly important. It can not only help companies increase exposure, attract potential customers, but also bring in more sales and revenues in the long term. In this post, we point out some essential components in a website to make sure your business is making the most of its online presence.

Great Home Page Content

Your homepage is where you really sell those lead on your business. This is where consumers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them solve the problem. Clear and complete information is conducive to improving the purchase rate of products. If your home page is a mess, they’ll click that “X” and go find another site to browse in seconds.

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To make sure your home page is as powerful as possible, try some of these tips:

Make your content about your client, not about you – Show them how you solved their problems to help them get through and triumph.

  • Keep it short and sweet – Most web users are in a hurry, you need to keep the information as simple as possible and avoid taking up all their time.
  • Add a photo – If possible, add photos of your team or CEO on your homepage. This helps them build personal connections with you and make them more likely to use your services in the future.
  • Product or service info – 42% of consumers said they visited a small business website to find product and service information. You’d better think of your website as your online storefront and describe the business you offer to make it easy for visitors to understand what your business is.
  • About us page – Tell your story! The “About Us” page gives you the opportunity to tell consumers why you went into business, and why you like your business. Your story and personal connection with your business make you stand out from large stores and chains.
  • Testimonials – If you are running a service-based business, be sure to add testimonials to your site. Consumers like to see other people’s stories. Through these, they can confirm whether the business or service can meet their needs. In addition, you can also write some success stories which happened between you and your consumers before.
  • Qualifications and awards – Important qualifications, certification, membership or rewards help build confidence and trust in your business. Don’t be shy and include it on your website to turn visitors into customers.

Contact Information Throughout

When most customers do business with small companies, they are pursuing great personal service and convenient experience. In order to ensure these two points for customers, you need to provide the following information on your website:

  • Address and directions – Make it easy for your website visitors to find your address and directions. Add or link to a map with directions and include parking information or tips.
  • Phone number and e-mail address – If they have problems or need more guidance, they can contact you through your phone number or email to get help.

Google Analytics Installation

Google offers a ton of free tools, as a business owner, you absolutely must take advantage of Google Analytics which is the biggest freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. With Google Analytics, you can get detailed insight into the performance of your website through the following apart:

  • How many visitors visit your site each month, their location and how they found you
  • How much time the visitors spend on your website and what pages they exited your site from
  • What pages are most visited and which ones get the most viewing time
  • Performance statistics on your keywords and SEO phrases

You can even set goals and measure conversions, such as sales volume, form submission time and so on, which may be helpful in measuring the overall success of a website as a marketing tool.



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