China began its policy of reform and opening-up four decades ago, since then, China has managed to achieve glorious economic success, and attracted eyeballs of the whole world.

The policy starting in 1978 has played a fundamental role in China’s commercial, economic and industrial modernization. The four decades gives birth to a strong economy and the world’s largest trader, said Roberto Jaguaribe, the president of Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and also a former Brazilian ambassador to China.

Roberto Jaguaribe - Brazil Eyes Chinese Market for Export Expansion

Roberto Jaguaribe, President of Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil)

Jaguaribe also hails China’s initiative to encourage trade partners to export more to China, saying such incentive is very meaningful at such a time when global trade is undergoing difficulties due to resurgence of protectionism and threat of trade spats on some fronts.

China became Brazil’s largest trading partner in 2009 and has been a very important investor for different sectors of Brazil, such as mineral, food and energy. Bilateral trade between two countries has much room to expand, especially in sectors of food and agriculture.

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Brazil has various kinds of industrial and comestible products that are not known good enough to Chinese consumers, such as fruits acai [berry] and cupuacu, these Amazonian fruits can have good chance of entering Chinese and Asian market, Jaguaribe said.

Apex-Brasil has sent a delegation to the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai, in the hope of making best use of the public platform to showcase premium Brazilian products. CIIE also presented a good opportunity for Brazilian enterprises to reach out to Chinese e-commerce platforms who are assisting Brazilian manufacturers, suppliers & exporters to explore Chinese market. JUMORE is one of such platforms, who has already partnered with B2Brazil, the main Brazilian online B2B marketplace to boost trade between enterprises of the two countries.

Aside from food and agriculture, Apex-Brasil also wants to land consumer goods in Chinese market. It is recruiting local enterprises with deep insights into the local consumer market to make it smoother for Brazilian enterprises to penetrate Chinese market.

China is an extraordinary market for any company. He who wants to go global, he has to go to China. Apex is willing to play a role to facilitate such ventures, Jaguaribe said.

Jaguaribe also said that, he doesn’t expect the result of Brazil’s presidential elections in October to have any bad effect on the bilateral relations.

Both developing countries sharing reciprocal and common interests, there is a natural and necessary tendency towards growth in every aspect of China-Brazil ties, the two countries share a common foundation, which is in essence, a world governed by rules and multilateral measures, the trade expert said.


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