Based on JumoreGlobal, Sell to the World


Mrs. ANITA YAO 1 2 - Based on JumoreGlobal, Sell to the World
Company Name:GOSUNM Co., Ltd.
Industry: Product Traceability System, Filling Line, Box Filler, Post Packaging equipment, etc.

Main achievements:
JUMORE makes the first show for GOSUNM Co., Ltd. in international market

“My company was founded in 2012, which is a young mechanical equipment manufacturer. Even though my company scale is not so big, I’m so proud of the ten more national technology patents we owned. That is to say, technology is our core competitiveness.

Since my company established, our business area is mainly forces on China domestic market. We really want to do exports, but we have no idea how to do it. The e-commerce industry in China is much more developed than other countries, and I heard a lot of cross-border B2B platforms from some exhibitions, however, few of them are specialized in machinery manufacturing.

Finally, I came across which has a sub-platform built specifically for the machinery industry. Compared with the comprehensive platforms, I believe professional industrial platforms have strong advantages in providing precise services. For companies newly engaged in foreign trade like us, the platform like JumoreGlobal really makes our business easier.

Undoubtedly, we were confused as a beginner in the international markets, since foreign buyers didn’t know us and we didn’t know where to sell our equipment. However, JumoreGlobal told me there are nothing to worry about by their actions. They showed us the buying requests on, made free promotion for us on and foreign trade BBS. What ‘s more, they also introduce our proprietary technologies and production solutions to the demand side, which make the world know our company as well as our technologies.

JUMORE is not only the starting point for our foreign trade experience, but also our foothold in the international market. Thanks JUMORE for bringing me those business opportunities, and hope we can grow together.”



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